The Linc - How can the fan experience be improved?

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

What still irks the NFL fan | National Football Post
The other day, a friend of mine told me he is giving up his Chargers season tickets after having them for over 15 years. I asked why and told me it’s because he can no longer tolerate obnoxious fan behavior, tailgating isn’t fun anymore (with enforced restrictions, limited access to bathrooms) and his new HDTV experience at home is like being at the game. Maybe it’s time to refocus on the fan, the in-stadium experience, and clean up the issues that irk the average fan.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly and DeSean Jackson recall one-on-one meeting very differently |
The fast-paced, interchangeable offense first-year coach Chip Kelly brought with him to the Philadelphia Eagles wasn't an immediate hit with wide receiver DeSean Jackson. It took a face-to-face meeting to iron out the new expectations for Jackson, who has led the team in receiving in four of the last five seasons.

Philadelphia Eagles facing a whole new world under Chip Kelly |
A much-improved offensive line should give Eagles fans genuine optimism amid a major shakeup.

Fans put wrong Philadelphia Eagles quarterback on team's Mount Rushmore on NBC Sports Network |
Randall Cunningham, who had a playoff record of 1-4 with the Eagles, beat out Donovan McNabb, who boasts five NFC championship game appearances and a 9-7 postseason record on his Eagles resume, in the voting to determine the top four figures in team history.

32 in 32: Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles can contend -
After last season, you'd probably predict this to be a rebuilding year for the Philadelphia Eagles. In reality, coach Chip Kelly's team has one of the deepest offensive rosters in the NFC.

Ranking the Eagles Tight Ends and H-Backs | Fanspeak's NFC East Blog
In the coming weeks I will do a series of posts on the Philadelphia Eagles and how their players stack up at each position.

The Way We Heard It | The Tailgater
The seeds of Pro Football Weekly’s demise were sown right in the publication’s name. Pro Football Weekly. In Internet terms, that might as well be Pro Football Never. There was a time when “weekly” suggested a punctual barrage of coverage. Back in the mid-1980s, when I wanted a dose of football news in March or June, I rode my bike over to the next town to the corner market that regularly stocked PFW. Football-wise, PFW was the only offseason game in town, and it did not even come to my town. It provided about 40 pages of deep-fried gold: “Whispers,” “The Way We Hear It,” features, columns, transactions, real news.

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