Philadelphia Eagles OC talks Matt Barkley, Chip Kelly's offensive philosophy


The Eagles offensive coordinator talks about we the team saw in QB Matt Barkley and hints at what Chip Kelly's offense will look like in the NFL.

Earlier we had an update on Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur's thoughts on first round pick Lane Johnson. Later in that in same session, Shurmur discussed the progress of 4th pick, Matt Barkley.

"You try to project in college what he's going to do in our game," said Shurmur. "Here's a guy [Barkley] who threw for over 10,000 yards, helped his team win many games. He really did all the things playing quarterback that you need to see at this level. "

"He's taken to our training extremely well. A lot of the way we communicate is very different to how he did in college, but he's been to do very nicely here in the first few weeks. "

Shurmur was asked what specifically they saw in Barkley that made them think his game will translate to the pros.

"It doesn't really matter what level you're playing quarterback. Once you have the general skill set necessary you have to be an outstanding decision maker, you have to have a sense of timing and you also have to be an accurate passer. Wel felt like he had all those traits, so now it's just a matter of him learning how we call things, how we function and put all those traits to work. "

Of course, "how we function" is still a big question for fans. Shurmur, Chip Kelly and the whole staff has been cagey about what it is their offense will be. However, Shurmur says that it's not because it's a big secret, it's just because they're still putting it all together.

"When you look at offenses in general people run zone schemes, they run gap schemes," Shurmur continued. "A lot of the concepts that you see in everybody's passing game are similar. What's in vogue is that we want to say this offense is this or that offense is that. What we want to do is put together an offense that is successful in the NFL and the inspiration for a lot of is coach Kelly and what he's done. "

"But we've got a lot of coaches that are working together for the first time. We've got varied experiences and so we want to put together an offense that will work in this league. "

Shurmur says that in end, they just want to make an offense that works.

"Well we hope you're seeing an offense that's extremely effective running the ball and throwing the ball. People are trying to paint this as what Chip did in college and say that it's this and won't do that and I don't think that's the case. [Chip Kelly] was very very effective running the football, it was a no huddle based offense and he was very effective passing the ball. So we'll see."

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