Review of "DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father's Dream"

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DeSean Jackson was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2008 NFL Draft, but that is only the middle of his story. "DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father's Dream" shows you what it took to make Jackson the player that he is today. From his time in Pop Warner to his first Pro Bowl, Jackson's brother, Bryon, documented it all. The unprecedented amount of footage that only a relative could have access to, offers a special look into the development of a special athlete that only rivals ESPN's "30 for 30'" film "The Marinovich Project" in intimate footage.

The documentary is not your typical style but Bryon Jackson, who co-directed and co-wrote the film with Kip Konswiser, is able to offer both prospective and emotional testimony without making the film dwell on either. The story is compelling because Bryon and his father Bill are only pieces of the puzzle for creating the Eagles wide receiver. Bill Jackson is portrayed as both an overbearing parent and a remarkably caring father and it really shows why Jackson was so motivated to play in the league. Through the stable of NFL "could-nots" that Bill befriended and took under his wing, DeSean was prepared for every aspect of his football career. If you think DeSean has a horrible work ethic or only cares about money, watch this documentary and you views will completely change.

While the documentary is both interesting and captivating, there are stylistic aspects that are a bit annoying. For instance, there are a few long cuts where the screen is back for far too long. The rhythm of the documentary, has ebbs and flows that make it sometimes hard to concentrate and lose your place. However, for the most part the film itself is very well done and really showcases that it takes a family to build a talented NFL player.

The story is about a father, two sons and the group of men that all made up the factory that created DeSean Jackson. If you are an Eagles fans, a Cal Bear fan or just a football fan, it is definitely worth a watch. From the cool and nostalgia factor of seeing Jackson be recruited by USC and seeing Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin and Norm Chow stuffed into very small looking furniture to DeSean getting the news about his first Pro Bowl, the film is just easy to like if you have followed the sport for the last decade. The emotion in the film is clearly real and not forced and really gives you a glimpse at the "real" DeSean.

I give the documentary an:


"The Making of a Father's Dream" debuts on iNDEMAND today. If you are spending your Father's Day with your Dad and he's an Eagles fan, check it out. For more information on the documentary or to find out which cable providers are airing the film, go to Happy Father's Day!

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