Is it really necessary for Chip Kelly to name a starting quarterback before training camp?

Michael Vick has been clamoring for a starting quarterback to be named, and you can add DeSean Jackson to that list as well. It seems Vick would like a starting quarterback to named because he's apparently tired of being asked the same question "Who is the starting quarterback?" by the Philadelphia media everyday he's on break at practice.

There's two theories to Michael's request for a starting quarterback to be made before the start of training camp. One, Vick is tired of being asked the same question almost ten times a day by the media, and has no definite answer to keep them quiet to each time he's asked that question. Two, he's feeling insecure about his future with the organization, and feels the clock is ticking and his time to perform in practice to outshine the other quarterbacks on the roster is running out, and the fact that he's probably not the starter because Nick Foles has been taking more reps with the first team while Vick has been taking reps with the second team in mini camp and OTA's.

DeSean feels that he and the team should know who it is as well. "I have been hearing some things about Vick saying that he wants to know," Jackson stated. "At the time, the team wants to know too. We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback." The honesty from Jackson may not be the answers Vick may like to hear, because Vick has said multiple times in the past that he is a "full-fledged starter". Which would probably mean he won't take too kind to being a backup to either Foles or Barkley. But what will we all as fans, players, and media gain of learning who the starting quarterback is?

It's only June and people are craving about discovering who the man under center will be. Will it be Michael Vick? Will it be Nick Foles? Will it be Matt Barkley? or Will it be Dennis Dixon? We don't know. G.J. Kinne seems to be nothing more than a camp or practice squad body. The main idea is what will the gain from knowing who the starter will be? Sure it will make the media ease off of asking Vick "Who the starting quarterback is?" every time they see the opportunity to give an interview, and sure it will solace the fans worries of a bad decision being made of possibly regressing instead of progressing. But Chip Kelly is a rookie head coach. You just can't rush him into making a decision.

I'm certain that Kelly is trying to see what he's got with all quarterbacks on the roster, which is why he re-structured and bought Vick back for one year. The big idea is, it's only June, and the season doesn't begin until August when the Eagles open Pre-Season taking on the New England Patriots on August 9th at Lincoln Financial Field. Kelly is relatively new like fresh baked bread out the oven.

Kelly will need time to adjust, to figure out what he wants to run, and how he wants to run it. This is a process that requires due diligence and can't be rushed. Otherwise, your results will turn out as a failed product. A starting quarterback can be determined in pre-season. Michael Vick starts against New England, Nick Foles starts against Carolina, Matt Barkley starts against Jacksonville, and Dennis Dixon starts against the New York Jets. Just so that way, there's no controversy between the actual competition of Vick, Foles, and Barkley for that final pre-season game. That's my idea at least. Or, you could start Vick for the first quarter, Foles for the second quarter, Barkley for the third, and Dixon for the final fourth quarter.

If there's still no clear cut winner to be the starter, then just hold a private session for all quarterbacks on the roster and make a decision from there. This can't take forever but sometimes you got to make a hard to decision to resolve a conflict. But in my opinion, it's too early to name a starting quarterback. There are advantages to knowing your quarterback. When you know your quarterback's play type you'll be more in sync by knowing how to play to stay on the same page If you just throw someone into the mix at an unexpected time, both the receiver and quarterback will be lost and out of sync. That's just my logic. if your quarterback has a cannon arm, you'll probably anticipate to run deep depending on the route, unless an audible has been called. There are benefits to knowing your quarterback. However, there are downfalls if he is not ready and not fully developed.

Even if a starter was named now, that won't guarantee you're the starter from pre-season on out. Hopefully Chip Kelly won't contradict himself by committing to someone and changing his mind on who his his starter is. Like Andy Reid, when he was so hellbent on Vick when he had to possibly hide the fact that Vick's concussion was potentially far more serious than he thought and had to make the temporary commitment to Foles.

Remember, this is a process that requires due diligence and can't be rushed. Right now, there's a quarterback competition between Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez and the veterans are quiet that they really want Geno to win the starting gig. It's not about favorites, its about who will help you out more wether it's short-term or long-term for the next seven to eight years.

Don't get it twisted, I would like to know who our starter is too, but not at the cost of it changing the morale of players to become upset and cause disruptions on the field and inside the locker room. Let's be patient and watch this intense competition play out. If Vick is not named starter and becomes upset over the decision, then trade him. There should be plenty of teams looking for a quarterback. But let's hope this intense quarterback competition ends smoothly and not rocky with controversy about who the starter should be. May the best man win.

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