Go to - Exicited for the New 2013 Philadelphia Eagle's!!!

There are over 3000's video's on duck football on this site. After surfing this site and watching a lot of the very informative video's my heart was racing with excitement about all of the possibilities Chip has at his disposal to run an awesome, powerful, creative Offense that is going to shock the NFL.

Fish Oregon Spread Offense Tutorial #1: The Inside Zone Read. Go to just to see the two basic running plays that are the staple of this run offense in action. There are also different blocking schemes of the two plays that defenses have to consider which play or variation is coming there way. Not to mention a counter play, power run play, LOL it is going to be pure joy the holes "Shady" LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown and I even see Desean Jackson exploiting all season long! Not to mention the speed of Michael Vick if he can grasp the X's and O's portion of this offense coupled along with quick decisions on his part!

The QB debate is far from over and I suspect each QB on the roster will get equal consideration before Chip's final decision is made.

What is really exciting to ponder is the player combinations that Chip could throw on the field at one time to have mismatches all over the place before the ball is even snapped. Momah, Ertz, Celek, Casey and McCoy at the skill positions for one comes to mind, not to even ponder what Chip comes up with formation or play call to maximize them. What a nightmare to try and cover them all at once with the threat of a run down your throat if you are spread to thin. Then add in the fact that bigger receiver's make better blocker's. The bigger receiver's not only support in run blocking, but block for one another in bubble screen mode as well. It is easy to imagine that if correctly executed this offense will prove to be very difficult to stop.

The Fish Report: Triple Tailback ThreatGo to just to see how Chip might deploy some of our team speed and best runner's. Maybe Michael Vick is not our starting QB at the end of training camp. So what with his incredible speed at running I would not be surprised if he ends up on the field in some capacity. Michael Vick paired with Desean Jackson, Bryce Brown, LeSean McCoy, James Casey and a QB in a set would create speed mismatches all over. Coupled with Chip Kelly obsession to spread the opposing defense forcing it to cover the whole field.

The idea Chip uses the same player's on Offense and can go to very different sets is awesome to watch at game speed! The player's assembled so far are amassing nicely with an even greater need to be versatile at different spots. This makes sense since Chip will be limited to a 53 man roster. I am looking at all the new tall target's along with the well known speed throughout this Offense. No wonder Chip Kelly is always beaming at his press conferences, with all the new toy's at his disposal.

The Defensive video's also shed light on our New Head Coach Chip Kelly's tendencies on the other side of the ball. Here's a look at Oregon's Cover 1 Turnover Heaven and you get an idea of what the Eagle's new 4-3 under defense should look like in action! Here is another very nice video which shows a little bit of the 3-4, and the 4-3 all used together to add confusion. I really enjoyed all the line Stunts and Blitzes and look forward to our Defense regaining NFC East Glory once again! Oregon's Bizarre Radar-Psycho-Times Square Zone Blitz! - I just can't wait for Training Camp to begin to see who get's plugged in where.

The Fish Report: Winning Strategies Against Stanford - This a very nice overall video showing some of the highlights and assets of both sides of the football on a Chip Kelly coached team! All this just has me salivating for RGIII and our season opener on Monday Night Football.

How much of the playbook can the Offense and Defense have down stone cold pat for picture perfect execution in 4 months? How much does the best NFL Defensive and Offensive minds match up against Chip's New Eagles? Mike Shanahan is no fun dummy himself and has employed RGIII in a read option mode. This should be a good test to start the season. How much does the improved talent level of opposing NFL team's make any or all of it just to far fetched to run in the NFL?

So many questions with few answers. Just looking at some of those video's and it's easy to get super excited about the Chip Kelly Era of football being kicked off in Philadelphia!

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