Why Shady Will Walk into End Zone: #1 (Fishduck Video)


There are approximately 13 weeks until preseason football, I'm going to put up one Fishduck Video per week and make an expert translation of what the video means for the Eagles. These videos are by Charles Fischer and are of Chip Kelly's offense that he ran at University of Oregon. If Mr. Fischer wants to chime in that would be great. I'm sure he is excited about how the offense will translate to the NFL game.

The Inside Zone Read (IZR) is coming to Philly. Lets learn how it works, in the first tutorial by Charles Fischer.

Watch the video and discuss below

Eagles Players: Why it will work

Lurie said to Chip, "Shady, Vick, nuff said bro." Vick is a once in a life-time skills package and Shady can be even better. Shady has the most tackles broken in the league in last two years. Safeties seem to break their ankles trying to tackle him in space.

The offensive line are tailor-made athletes for downhill run blocking. Kelce can be undersized for smashing, or so says the pundits, but we see an example of how Chip will handle it.

Jason Peters, Lane Johnson and Shady, oh my. As the video explains this is a run first offense which also tells the defense what they are going to do, and then smashes it down their throat anyways. It will be fun to see what the offensive line talent can do when unleashed to smash the defender in front of them.

6:00 is a good example of the double team of the Center and Guard at the snap of the ball. That should help slightly under-sized Kelce hold his blocks in the run game.

9:40 Check out the holes that will open up for Shady, the 6 defenders in the box slide left the DE stays put to stop the QB and the RB cuts back through the huge hole in the middle. I saw this and thought, "oh man Shady is gonna have fun." The IZR does not have a specific hole for the RB to go, it is designed for the RB to pick his hole and make one cut and then run north south, which sounds like Brown's strength.

Opposing Pro Defenses: Why it won't work

Defending the Zone Read is about discipline, and more discipline, see this article. NFL pro players by definition are more disciplined and faster. Filling gaps and maintaining gap discipline does not provide the RB any where to go. Also their speed might help recover if out of position. The exciting part is thinking of Jason Pierre-Paul taken out of the play and standing around to keep the edge instead of crashing

Another theory is that like any play dominating the line of scrimmage doesn't allow for a positive play. If Ngata is in the backfield before QB hands of the ball you're in trouble.

Final theory, I've found is to hit the QB on every play. It appears that the Atlanta Falcon's tried it against Kaepernick to no success, see article.

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