Brad Wing: Punters Are Complicated Too


Punters are people too. And sometimes, they're more than that. Undrafted free agent punter Brad Wing is many things.

Punters can be summed up in one sentence too.

Wing, a 2011 1st-Team All American and Ray Guy finalist, has exceptional strength and accuracy, displays excellent hang time when needed and occasionally when not need but went undrafted due to character concerns.

Punters are game changers too.

He pinned Alabama inside its own five-yard line twice, and he crushed a 73-yarder that flipped the field in the fourth quarter at a point when the exhausted Tigers defense probably couldn't have defended a short field.

-Sports Illustrated

Punters have highlight reels too.

Punters are tough guys too.

When Wing [who is Australian] first arrived in the States, he couldn't resist calling out the heavily protected American players. "What are these pads and helmets for?" Wing said. "Let's take them off and play." His new teammates' response? "They didn't think that was too funny," Wing said.

- Ibid.

Punters are weapons too.

In 2011, Wing punted for 187 yards a game. LSU passed for 152 yards per game. In 2012 LSU scored 12 TD passing touchdowns for 72 points. Their defense and special teams scored 9 touchdowns and 21 field goals for 117 points. Basically LSU's offense existed to eat up the clock so the defense could rest a bit before going out and scoring, and Wing's punting routinely put them in a position to score by pinning the opposition inside their own 5.

Punters are abusive jocks too.

In an application for a temporary restraining order filed against Wing by Chabert on July 7, Chabert said Wing entered a room where he was laying in bed and locked the door behind him. He then began questioning Chabert about his contact with an ex-girlfriend of Wing's. Wing then swatted a cell phone out of Chabert's hands, threw him to the floor and began punching and kicking him, Chabert said in the application. The victim escaped and left the room before calling the police.

Punters are pot heads too.

LSU sophomore punter Brad Wing has been suspended from the Chick-fil-A Bowl for violation of team rules, sports information director Michael Bonnette confirmed on Thursday. LSU is set to play Clemson in the game Dec. 31 in the Georgia Dome. Earlier Thursday a source close to the situation told that Wing, a left-footed kicker from Melbourne, Australia, would miss the game for undisclosed reasons. Tiger Rag is reporting through an anonymous source that Wing failed a drug test.

Punters are trendsetters too.

Wing, who grew up playing Australian Rules Football, was so impressive that LSU recruited another Australian to groom behind him.

Punters are fan favorites too.

Every Day Should Be Saturday, And the Valley Shook, Meaux Vs.

Even though Wing didn't punt much during his lone season at Parkview, he became an almost mythical figure. Everyone wanted to see him kick, so at halftime he would put on punting shows for his screaming fans, who delayed their trips to the concession stands and restrooms to watch. Wing's punting extravaganza was such a big draw Parkview's principal canceled the school band's halftime performance for the team's last home game so he could put on an encore performance.

-Fox Sports

Punters hate fake Australian accents too.

"Who does the worst (Australian accent)"
"Probably Russell Shepard. Or uh... yeah, Russell Shepard. Jordan Jefferson does a terrible one too. I couldn't even do it, Jordan sounds like some creature out of a movie."


Punters are versatile too.

Notice that Wing, who punts with his left foot, punts with his right foot at the 2:50 mark of the video above.

Punters are players coaches say things that make no sense about too.

"It's almost like you walk into a garage sale and see a Picasso sitting in the corner, and nobody else really knows what it is," said Thomas McGaughey, LSU's special-teams coordinator. "So you sprint over there and grab it. That's what I did with Brad."

-Wall Street Journal

Punters get noticed by Chip Kelly by having a good game against Oregon too.

Punters know how to use social media too.

Created his own fan page on Facebook and has over 31,000 followers on Twitter.

And as you probably know, punters are idiots who cost their teams touchdowns too.

Brad Wing, he's more than just a punter. He's a person damn it.

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