Philadelphia Eagles draft class is physically impressive


We'll see about their talent, but in terms of size and measureables the Eagles draft class hits all the marks of what has made for the most successful drafted players since 2004.

Tyler Oberly from The Sideline View did an interesting study where he gathered data on measureables from every player drafted from 2004 to present and looked for trends that emerged among the most successful players. Some of his findings were relevant to Eagles picks.

First and foremost, Lane Johnson passes the test for Pro Bowl offensive lineman.

Six pro bowl offensive tackles have been selected in the first round since 2004. The average size of these pro bowlers are 6-6, 309 lbs.
Other notable traits on these top tackles include:
Minimum 34" arm length
5.25 40-yard time or faster
Minimum 24 bench reps

Johnson is 6-6, 303 with 35 1/4 inch arms, he ran an absurd 4.7 40 and did 28 reps on the bench. So he easily hits the benchmarks for what have been the most successful first round offensive lineman.

As for TEs, it seems as though arm length is common trait for the most successful guys.

Among all tight ends drafted since 2004, Rob Gronkowski has the largest recorded hand size (10-7/8").
All pro bowl tight ends drafted since that time have had a minimum 34" arm length.

Zach Ertz's hands are about an inch smaller than Gronk and he's got only 31 3/4" arms.

Joe Kruger actually checks all the boxes for successful 3-4 DEs.

When reviewing 3-4 scheme defensive ends drafted since 2004 who became all-pro players, the following tendencies stood out:
Minimum 33" arm length
Minimum 24 bench reps
Minimum 30" vertical

Kruger has 34 3/8" arms, he did exactly 24 reps and has a 34 inch vert. He actually does not hit the points for 3-4 OLBs coming up short in the broad jump and 40 yard dash.

Another Eagles pick that checks the boxes? Bennie Logan.

Elite defensive tackles (like B.J. Raji, Ndamokung Suh, and Halodi Ngata) all had a shuttle under 4.7 seconds and had over 30 bench reps when entering the draft. The only defensive tackles in this draft class who exceeded 30 bench reps was Josh Boyd. Sheldon Richardson, Bennie Logan, and Chris Jones all had 30 bench reps.

Logan's shuttle was 4.67 and as the blurb mentions, he did 30 reps.

At corner, Jordan Poyer comes up a bit slow. The top CBs averaged 5-11, 195 lbs with a 4.4 40. Poyer has the size but ran a 4.54 40.

Finally, Earl Wolff checks the boxes at safety. Broad Jump greater than 120" Sub 4.6 40-yard-dash time. Wolff's broad jump was 134" and he ran a 4.44 40.

Conclusions? Well, for the most part, the Eagles draft class really does hit the benchmarks for what has made the most successful drafted players since 2004. These aren't hard and fast rules obviously so anything could happen with these guys... But I do think it's encouraging to know that virtually none of them should be physically lacking or overmatched for their position.

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