Eagles Biggest Need: (For those of you who don't have ESPN Insider)

They outlined the whole division but here are the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles: Cornerback

Anyone who watched an Eagles game for more than five minutes last year realized that the secondary is in need of an overhaul. The names on the jerseys might have been familiar, but guys like Nnamdi Asomughaand Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie played more like fans who had been pulled out of the stands to suit up at halftime. Philadelphia's pass-defense DVOA of 24.1 percent was the worst in the league, and three of the four starting defensive backs were among the league leaders in broken tackles. That's the kind of performance that tends to get people fired, and now, in addition to a brand-new coaching staff, the Eagles have a completely revamped secondary.

The problem is that, at least on paper, the team did a much better job of finding replacements at safety than at cornerback. Kenny Phillips and Patrick Chung are both young, productive players with good draft pedigrees. There are reasons why these two players were available in free agency: both are injury risks, and Chung was benched in New England because Bill Belichick felt Chung freelanced too often. Still, the talent makes both players very worthwhile gambles. The free-agent additions at cornerback have less upside.

Bradley Fletcher finished out the year as St. Louis' fourth corner thanks to his penchant for drawing flags. He might be a more natural slot defender, but Brandon Boykin is entrenched as the Eagles' nickelback, so Fletcher will play on the outside. Cary Williams started for the Super Bowl champion Ravens, but he gave up a ton of completions by playing soft on any kind of comeback route. The one thing Williams does exceptionally well, though, is tackle -- he missed a grand total of three tackles in the past two years. And, as noted before, that's a talent that was sorely missing from the Eagles' secondary.

Article written by Sean McCormick

I don't know about you guys but this sounds horrible. So I did some extra research.

Cary Williams: In the last 2 years: 17 PD this last year, 4 Picks, and a TD. 2011 - 18 PD and no picks. The NFL leader in PD the last two years finished with 24(last year) and 23(the year before). Clearly Sean is exaggerating that Cary is soft on ANY ROUTE.

Fletcher: Is a great athlete. 4.44 40 yd dash. 40 inch vertical.

In his last 20 games, Fletcher has surrendered only two touchdowns in coverage. He has the speed, size and strength to stick with almost any receiver. (Bleacher Report Brad Gagnon)

He's also an above-average run defender who has missed just six tackles in his four-year career. And he's versatile enough to get to the quarterback when asked, as the Eagles found out in Week 1 last year, when Fletcher sacked Michael Vick. (BR...Brad)

Fletcher does get too touchy feely. He has 16 flags in 36 games since 2010. He is big enough, physical enough and fast enough to stick with any WR in the league. His biggest issue is he's too physical. IMO he can fix that by learning to A) be sneaky about it B) learn to not do it as much or at all.

So we have two physical guys who can cover well (not great) and are elite tacklers. Neither are on any list for top/worst 10 at completion %, YAC allowed or YAC per attempt in 2011 or 2012. We were the worst last year in the CB department. I think we made huge improvements over the last year.

I left out Hughes, Marsh, Boykin and Poyer because they are either slot or non starters in the league so far. Could they win the battle in camp? Could, but IMO not too likely.

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