Expectations Viewed Honestly

If you are anything like me, you will read almost anything you can about the Eagles. Even if that means it comes from and the author is Phil Sheridan, bleh. Actually, that last part is a lie. I finally gave 100% up. It was a growing period for me. I'm clean and sober from their mind-numbing, albatross of a site for almost 5 months now. Cold Turkey worked for me. But back to being a full blown junkie. I have to have it. Even if it is a complete rehash of all the other spin I'm viewing. Even if it is only hours and hours of reading user comments. I'm like those old men combing the beach every morning searching for lost rings and pocket change. And every morning, naked, I get to comb the tidbits and updates of the vast, roving internet beaches and fill my little pail with all of your collective expression.

And like a lot of you know, sometimes the best areas filled with the ripest insights are a little of the beaten path.

I think most of us know and have come to love Tommy Lawlor. Tommy gives us a ton of info and it's never enough. His most recent update linked to an article by a writer I was unfamiliar with. Derek, over at IgglesBlog, really set my mind reeling tonight with a complete gem of an update. It was a great synthesis of a lot of the momentum that has been building up. Because I think he posts less frequently, there was some opportunity to take a big-picture view, rather than the focused perspective that is required by a much more frequent poster. Derek apparently wrote this on an airplane, leading to it being a very satisfying length with a lot of well-formulated ideas. I only hope that he will be taking more vacations in the near future and have many more opportunities to write while in the air.

With the kind of global-perspective that comes with 30,000 feet, Derek, in short, explains that versatility is an essential component, but where he really separates himself from a lot of us in the blogger-sphere is his punctuating of this point. It's not simply that: versatility let's me do more gadgets and whatchamagizzums. It's just the opposite. The specific trait that versatility provides is that it actually simplifies the process. His point is really driven home when he detailing his #2 important point consider: Don't Sleep on DeSean

DeSean hasn't been discussed all that much. Usually it's something like: It will be really interesting to see how Chip uses DeSean. In other words, we all acknowledge that the potential is there, but no one is really stepping up to the plate on what it means for the rest of the offense. A lot of what is missing is the ever important, "why?"

In Derek's article, he goes in depth about the various different moves and counter-moves that will commence with packages and their complimenting scheme. He provides some nice insight into the defense Kelly wants to see. Kelly is trying to take advantage of a range of tactical advantages. Some big, some small. One word that was classically associated with Andy Reid late in his career at Philadelphia was "deception." The deception-as-a-means-for-tactical-advantage approach is a really nuts and bolts example of a tendency Reid had to over think a situation.

Andy over-thought things at times. It really worked brilliantly on really innumerable occasions. This was a coach who tried and successfully recovered an onside kick in his very first game as head coach. That's really who the man was in a nutshell. Andy was convinced that he could catch you when you weren't looking. But over the years, like a child hearing a family joke one too many times, the premise became too well saturated to create success by means of surprise. Andy saw it a little bit differently. "I have to do a better job at that." Perhaps some of the initial trepidation, and there was plenty, about the Chip Kelly hiring was due to the "genius" label that he arrived with. I think a lot of the bellyache came from a fear that the scheme would again have primacy over the team. This is sort of the classic "asdfkd, Steve Spurrior" Negadelphian comment. In the case of Kelly, it's fairly evident that scheme is secondary to the team.

Kelly wants the defense to give him the inside dive and the power tackle. When the defense puts six in the box, the offense is working perfectly. If the defense over-compensates to defend the high-percentage running lanes, versatility becomes the double edged sword that will burn them at their own discretion. Or as Kelly put it: Pick your poison.

The genius is not in the trickery, but it's the offense's ability to force you to let it operate at high efficiency whether you like it or not. It is the exact opposite of deception. In fact, it's no surprise that Chip Kelly is a bachelor. That is the mindset of the bachelor!!!

"Look. I'll be upfront with you. I'm not looking to be tied down. If that's agreeable, we can get to work right away. If you're going to try and roadblock that approach, I'll go a different route."

Look. I'll be upfront with you, Coughlin. We're going to run the ball all day and set a few records on offense. If you'd prefer to load the box instead, I have DeSean Jackson on the bubble screen, James Casey and Zach Ertz in the end zone.

True to word, it IS about equal opportunity. "We're an equal opportunity offense." And I'm just a naked man from Colorado combing the vast internet beaches. Maybe I should take a dip?

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