NFC bEast Eternal Thread #85: Unofficial 4th BGN Community Mock Draft Edition

Rule #1 - Don't be That Guy

- THIS is most important. Don't ruin someone else's fun...I mean just don't do that.

Rule #2 - All Pictures and .Gifs Must Have Subject Lines

-Some people are slackers and we go on Bleeding Green Nation during class because having your English teacher explain how to write persuasively kind of loses it's luster after a couple years. Some people even come here while they're supposed to be working (TIME THIEF!). So, for these people we must require you to put a subject line on all pictures, especially pictures of half naked women.

- No nudity. That means no pictures of nipples, vaginas, anuses or penises.

- Limit your gifs (less than 3 per user), I love gifs as much as the next guy but they have a tendency to slow down my computer.

- Please check where the picture or gif came from. No one wants to get a virus, worm or trojan on their computer. Just remember that some people cannot afford to replace a computer every year.

Rule #3 - Shun anyone acting like a jackass

-Y'all go ahead and decide who acts douchey and who doesn't. We will flag your comments and then tweet and email Jason

Rule #4 - Be cool, man. No temper tantrums. No "threadbombing."

-No need to lose your head. This is the internet, don't take these arguments seriously. If someone hurts your feelings, let it go or go outside for a walk. There's no need to make yourself look like a tool by ruining a thread.

Rule #5 - All people are accepted.

-This is the NFC bEast thread, we don't judge or attack based on who roots for what team. All fans of the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins and any other NFL team for that matter, are welcome. Just don't get too trolly or we'll have to give you the Real LT treatment.

Rule #6 - No Pictures Of Any Rosie, O'Donnell or Barr.

-Do not break it or you'll be given a very thorough shunning. Also we've run into someone posting Cat butts, don't do that either. & No chimp fin

5 Recs or John G is unbanned, just rec this thing.

After trying to get one of the mods to set it up to no avail, due to BobQ's disappearance & limited time. I decided to set up an unofficial 2013 BGN Community Mock Draft. In order to make sure we got people who wouldn't bail, I let eternal members have first shot on the picks. In order to get a pick, you have to have been on BGN for more than a year, or over 500 comments.


  • Standard fanpost etiquette applies - meaning please make your pick explanations at least 75 words long and try to use big boy sentences. Punctuation is also appreciated.
  • Title your picks, "2013 BGN Community Mock Draft Pick #__: The ___________ Select _________" so people can eagles find the picks with 'Cntl + f"
  • No trades - sorry, guys

Draft Picks & Times:

  1. Mon 4/8: Chiefs - KByars - GENO SMITH, QB West Virginia
  2. Tues 4/9: Jaguars - sports00fan00 - DION JORDON, OLB Oregon
  3. Tues 4/9: Raiders - sports00fan00 - SHARRIF FLOYD, DT Florida
  4. Wed. 4/10: Eagles -bebin - ERIC FISHER, OT Central Michigan
  5. Wed. 4/10: Lions -bebin - LUKE JOECKEL, OT Texas A&M
  6. Thurs. 4/11: Browns - tst29 - EZEKIEL NANA "ZIGGY" ANSAH, DE BYU
  7. Thurs. 4/11: Cardinals - tst29 - LANE JOHNSON, OT Oklahoma
  8. Fri. 4/12: Bills - nyeaglesfan624 - CHANCE WARMACK, OG Alabama
  9. Fri. 4/12: Jets - nyeaglesfan624 - BARKEVIOUS MINGO, OLB LSU
  10. Sat. 4/13: Titans - StoneColeKiller58 - JONATHON COOPER, OG North Carolina
  11. Sat. 4/13: Chargers - StoneColeKiller58 - TAVON AUSTIN, WR West Virginia
  12. Sun. 4/14: Dolphins - ChuckCool - DEE MILLINER, CB Alabama
  13. Sun. 4/14: Buccaneers - ChuckCool - XAVIER RHODES, CB Florida State
  14. Mon. 4/15: Panthers - rohan915 - STAR LOTULELEI, DT Utah
  15. Mon. 4/15: Saints - rohan915 - KENNY VACCARO, S Texas
  16. Tues. 4/16: Rams - PierreC - CORARRELLE PATTERSON, WR Tennessee
  17. Tues. 4/16: Steelers - PierreC - JARVIS JONES, LB Georgia
  18. Wed. 4/17: Cowboys - VRFC8
  19. Wed. 4/17: Giants - VRFC8
  20. Thurs. 4/18: Bears -
  21. Thurs. 4/18: Bengals -
  22. Fri. 4/19: Rams (Redskins) -
  23. Fri. 4/19: Vikings -
  24. Sat. 4/20: Colts -
  25. Sat. 4/20: Vikings (Seahawks) -
  26. Sun. 4/21: Packers -
  27. Sun. 4/21: Texans -
  28. Mon. 4/22: Broncos -
  29. Mon. 4/22: Pats -
  30. Tues. 4/23 Falcons - NowWhat?
  31. Tues. 4/23: 49ers - NowWhat?
  32. Wed. 4/24: RavensSnax
  33. Wed. 4/24: Jaguars (2nd round) – Snax
  34. Thurs. 4/25: 49ers(Chiefs)(2nd round) –nealba
  35. Thurs. 4/25: Eagles (2nd round) -nealba

Draft times are subject to change, if your pick is up you can go whenever your ready. If you are unheard from for 12 hours after your pick time, you forfeit your pick & someone else will pick for you.

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