Remaining NFL salary cap room by team

Jason Miller

The Eagles, Bengals, Jags, Bucs & Browns are amongst the teams still with over $25 million in cap space left to spend.

There is currently $307 million worth of cap room left in the NFL without very many players left to spend it on. With virtually every high priced free agent already signed, several NFL teams still have upwards of $25 million left to spend on this year's cap.

In fact, you could argue that Andre Smith is the only guy still on the market likely to get big money. His previous employer, the Bengals, still have nearly $26 million in cap space to spend in 2013.

Cincy is one of 5 teams with over $25 million left on this year's cap. With rookie salaries dramatically lower than they were pre-new CBA, some of these teams may find it hard to spend some of this cap room. Some will go to those rookies, some will go to extensions but overall there's still a lot of available cash out there.

And you really have to wonder where it will all go for a team like the Eagles? They carried over $23 million from last season and still have $25 million this year (Notable because the 4 year period where teams must average cash spending to 90% of the cap ie the salary floor, starts this years). There really aren't many high profile extensions for them to give, maybe Jeremy Maclin. They will probably carry over some money to cover contracts that inflate next year but still... $25 mil is a lot of cash.

That said, it's nothing compared to what the Browns are working with. They already carried over a pretty hefty amount from 2012 and now still have nearly $34 million to spend. If they only spend money on rookies from here on out, they'll have to spend pretty close to the cap for each of the next 3 seasons to be sure they meet the salary floor.

Other teams on this list do make some sense. For instance, the Green Bay Packers. They're undoubtedly going to extend Aaron Rodgers this offseason, so a hefty chunk of that deal will probably get dumped on this year's cap.

Below is the official look at what every team is currently working with. At this point in the year, only a team's top 51 contracts count against it's cap, so that's the first column. The second is the amount of money from 2012 that they carried over to this season. That carryover minus any dead money plus the $123 million limit all teams get will give you column 3, which is a team's current cap for this year. Finally, the 5th column is a team's current cap room remaining.

Team Current contracts Previous year carryover Team Cap Cap Room
Cleveland Browns 51 $14,339,575 $103,292,815 $33,815,650
Jacksonville Jaguars 51 $19,563,231 $117,766,534 $27,292,582
Cincinnati Bengals 49 $8,579,575 $108,111,734 $25,815,197
Philadelphia Eagles 51 $23,046,035 $120,563,643 $25,747,026
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50 $8,527,866 $108,958,452 $25,259,270
Green Bay Packers 49 $7,010,832 $113,022,178 $17,799,553
Buffalo Bills 50 $9,817,628 $118,986,886 $13,687,532
New York Jets 49 $3,400,000 $113,962,266 $12,566,471
New England Patriots 50 $5,607,914 $118,852,407 $10,299,937
Indianapolis Colts 49 $3,500,000 $115,002,929 $9,407,345
Seattle Seahawks 50 $13,265,802 $127,724,117 $8,980,008
Denver Broncos 45 $11,537,924 $131,433,468 $8,327,523
Miami Dolphins 51 $5,380,246 $119,959,660 $8,263,667
Arizona Cardinals 51 $3,600,110 $118,281,629 $8,177,786
Oakland Raiders 48 $4,504,761 $119,827,392 $6,855,649
Tennessee Titans 50 $12,867,893 $128,737,121 $6,470,792
Detroit Lions 45 $466,992 $115,264,106 $6,222,911
San Diego Chargers 50 $995,893 $117,065,718 $5,948,130
Carolina Panthers 50 $3,654,825 $120,489,893 $5,742,488
Baltimore Ravens 44 $1,182,377 $117,521,845 $5,356,586
Dallas Cowboys 50 $2,335,379 $115,025,651 $4,469,505
Minnesota Vikings 48 $8,004,734 $125,380,624 $4,412,590
Chicago Bears 51 $3,236,965 $124,752,260 $4,156,995
Kansas City Chiefs 51 $14,079,650 $132,842,454 $4,153,573
New York Giants 48 $1,000,000 $119,510,326 $4,076,958
Houston Texans 51 $2,422,689 $121,233,466 $3,813,260
San Francisco 49ers 50 $859,734 $122,763,497 $3,009,822
Atlanta Falcons 51 $307,540 $120,349,699 $2,432,601
Pittsburgh Steelers 48 $758,811 $122,503,051 $1,919,760
New Orleans Saints 49 $2,700,000 $122,778,258 $1,840,979
St. Louis Rams 48 $247,347 $121,337,284 $829,053
Washington Redskins 50 $4,270,296 $108,912,284 $669,949
Total $201,072,624 $3,812,213,647 $307,821,148
Average/Team $6,283,520 $119,131,676 $9,619,411
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