Ziggy is the Ansah (mock)

Mock Draft Drafting this high, I believe you have to get a star. I drafted purely on BPA. And IMO The BPA is the one with the highest ceiling. I watched a ton of game tape for these guys. And the guys picked really stand out on tape.

1) Ziggy Ansah , DE

I think there is only one true defensive superstar: Ezikiel Ansah. This is a guy I've fallen in love with. 6'6 271 pound athlete Ezekiel Ansah. He's only played football for 3 years. Before that, he was pretty successful on the track (this blows my mind) running a 10.91 in the 100-meter dash and a 200 time of 21.89! While I would be ok with a safe pick of Star L, Dee Milliner, or E Fisher and think they could all make a few prow bowls; I'm looking for unlimited potential, and that's what this guy has. Plus he's a great fit with Chip Kelly. He's the most versatile player in the draft (He can play OLB and DE in a 34 or DE or DT in 43/nickle), has size and length; great burst, speed, and lateral agility (AR would love him because he has a never ending motor). Plus he lays huge hits for a DL. He ran a 4.63 40 without true preparation. He shows something different with every play he makes, whether its his physicality, motor, length, speed, quickness, or strength. I would compare him in the league to someone that could be a JJ Watt type of player or a Tamba Hali depending on his playing weight.

Ezekiel Ansah vs Georgia Tech 2012 (via xuesac84)

And while some may view his "rawness" as a negative, I look at it like this: what can he do if he had solid technique!? Chip can mold him into anything he wants.

Ezekiel Ansah vs Washington State (2012) (via Aaron Aloysius)

2) Jonathan Cyprien, S

He reminds me of Ed Reed on tape. No BS. Idk if he lasts till round 2.

Jonathan Cyprien - Ultimate 2012 Highlights (via ThatHighlightChannel)

3) Brandon Williams, NT

I love Brandon Williams. He is light on his feet, explosive off the line, and built like a house. Would also be a steal.

Brandon Williams - Drive To Make It (via Nick King)

4+7=3) Justin Pugh RG/RT Solid starter, versatile, rather get Kyle Long

I moved into the back end of the third with our high 4th and a 7th to add OL depth.

5+7=4) Sanders Commings, DB

moved to the end of rd 4 for competition for Williams/Fletcher
7) Joseph Furia, TE Great weapon, 6'7

Qb) Vick, Foles, Dixon

RB) McCoy, Brown, Lewis

WR) Jackson, Maclin, Johnson, Avant, Benn, Momah

TE) Celek, Furia

Flex) Casey, Harbor

LT) Peters, ???

Lg) Mathis

C) Kelce, Reynolds

RG) Pugh, Watkins

Rt) Herremans, Kelly

As much as I would like to add talent to the offense, the Eagles' defense was as bad as has ever been as long as I have been a football fan. That just can't happen again . Although i do think we need another starter on the right side and trustworthy backup LT, I trust Chip to put up at least 24 ppg with whoever he runs out there on offense with all his genius and whatnot, the same cannot be said for Billy Davis; get him as much talent as possible.

SLB) Barwin, Brown

Re) Cox, Thorton

Nt) Williams, Sopoaga

Le) Ansah, Curry

P) Graham, Cole

MLB) Ryans, Phillips, Matthews

W) Kendricks, Chayney

Cb) Fletcher, Williams, Marsh, Boykin, Commings

Fs) Philips, Allen, Anderson

Ss) Cyprien, Chung

This could be a GREAT defense. If Brandon Williams (Kept fresh w help of Soap) would require constant double teams, it would leave 4 one on one math ups across the line. Fletch/Ziggy would have a field day against opposing LG/RT that would have to go one on one with them a ton of the time. This is also good news for Brandon Graham and Trent Cole who will be taking turns one on one vs LTs. Barwin lined up vs the TE on the other side. Solid. Hopefully Phillips can make it back to being a top 5 center fielder and Cyprien could play in the box to help out Demecco and Kendricks. Solid depth solidifies us everywhere except LB.
I saw a similar fan post by deg0ey about the Patriot's defense. This is a picture from the offense's view with gap responsibilities he suggested (and a defense I set up on my madden career all the time lol). I'd like to see Cox on the TE side to handle 2 gap with Ansah shooting up field/stunting with BG.Screenshot2013-03-29at122543_medium

On passing downs you could have BG, Cox, Ziggy, Cole, and Barwin rushing the passer

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