I Apologize, but I wanna debate QB's



First a few fact/things Chip deems as facts:

  • He likes(happy MJB, lol) QB who can threaten with the run, not a running-back who throws(Anti-Brown/tebow)
  • He doesn't have to have a mobile QB (New Hampshire)
  • He says he is going to play to the strengths of his personnel.
  • He is going to hold a true QB competition
  • He wasn't going to trade any one, and everyone is going to battle it out in camp
  • he restructured Mike Vick instead of absorbing a 4 mill hit, a hit we could have taken.
  • He wants a playbook that does not cater to one skillset for a QB.

Now what confused me a couple weeks ago

  • How can we do a QB competition between Vick and Foles, they are two different QBs who make the offense go in different ways and defenses treat them and scheme against them differently based on their skills?
  • Was every QB really doing Read-option or was the dual threats doing it and Foles and Edwards doing west coast in hi-tempo? Edwards got Cut.

My thoughts(which are debatable)

Our Offensive Line will probably be fixed considering Herremans(slide him back over to Peters side) and Mathis will be guards, Peters and Johnson will be Tackles and Kelce will be the center. We will have bigger WR/TEs who can get separation with the way Chip is going to run the offense, with the fast paced training, and with the added addition: three tight end sets (Ertz, Casey, Celek) and Wr sets that could include (Monah, Sheppard, Jackson, Maclin, and Benn). So weapons and protection will be present like Cops hosting a stripper party. Now its up to the best QB to get out there and do his Job. So who will be the guy and will the guy be mobile or a pure passer?


Chip Kelly will keep both a mobile and a pure passer. There are going to be mini-competitions between Vick, Kinne, Dixon and Barkley and Foles. The winners: Vick and Barkley.

My logic:

Barkley is Chip's QB pick and maybe the QB of the future. All I keep hearing is his intangibles,brains and accuracy. He was suppose to be a 1st round pick, previously, and his arm/shoulder injury is what held him back. Though he has all these things, the obvious reality is whether Foles or Barkely is the guy? I think the Barkley pick was a pick that says Foles may not be the guy. I say this because Vick has Dixon and Kinne to push him and Edwards got cut. There was no one to challenge him on the roster. He needed competition and the competition he got may be better.

Regardless,they both are QBs who need time to develop into something great. Why force them into the line up just because? In Chip's offense, everything is taught in such a way that the reads are easier and any sack taken is the QB's fault. Why? In this high pace offense the Qb is able to adjust and take what is given by the defense. If they want to play eight in the box we run, they play off we throw. Simplifying the offense to those pre -snap reads, instead of the complications of the West Coast, makes it easier for Qb's like Vick to run the offense. which allows more time for the Qbs being groomed to learn the offense. This gives Vick a shot to showcase his talents for a new team and gets the team adjusted to a fast pace offense for when Barkley or Foles steps in. Vick's end is nearing and is evident to everyone, this is not a one year growing process, and no one has to rush the growth of Foles/Barkley. Everyone wins. Lastly Chip has his playbook matching both QB's.

For all the Vick naysers, who think this is a nightmare,and think im crazy....why would Vick restructure instead of taking his 4 mill and finding a team, any team, and be the starter or back up and get a check for 2 mil or 1 mil and still be paid like Nnamdi. I mean I boo'd him from my house watching him so I could only imagine what he got in philly or from philly on the road lol. My answer, he heard the plan for him and heard the plan for the offense and realized if he bought in for a year Chip could get the best out of him and get him a bigger check(fools gold check)somewhere else. Call it conspiracy, call it stupid, I call it keeping good Qb's and getting the most out of a aging veteran who is still looked at as the leader of this team for right now. Lets debate people.

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