What my 2013 draft would have looked like.

Like many have pointed out it is pretty pointless to hand out draft grades they day after the draft. So I will not be going that route. I like the picks the Eagles made, like not love would be the key point. So instead of handing out a draft grade I will recap each pick with what I would like to have seen the team do in that spot.

Round 1: My pick Lane Johnson T

I have to think there were some calls being made to the Eagles for the 4th pick and I would have liked them to make a deal to trade back. That being said since they did not trade back the offers must have been under whelming or they really have Johnson rated that high as to make the anything offered seem less appealing than Johnson. So it was a good pick, solid player already with huge upside. Assuming they could not get another second round pick plus a late round to swap with someone I would have to agree with the pick and also pick Johnson in my re-draft. I just don't really see any other player that stood out as being much better, and you could argue no other player has as much upside.

Round 2: My pick Cornellius Carradine DE

I liked seeing Ertz picked here and would have loved it if we had another 2nd round pick from trading down in the first or even staying put and offering a future pick/picks to get another second round pick. That being said we had one second round pick and I would have liked to see a defensive player since the Jaguars suck and took the guy who might just end up being the best safety from this class this left Tank and Jonathan Hankins. I would have been really happy with either and liked Tank just a bit more.

Round 3: My pick Keenan Allen WR

At first I was like Bennie, did they think Bennie Wells was in this draft. Then my uneducated self did just a little research and was like cool this is a pretty good pick. Again a solid player with really nice potential. Since I would have taken a front seven player with my second round pick, and I felt the best value was Allen at this point I would have taken him. I was also considering a CB or safety (not the honey badger ) but just felt Allen was a great value and a player that could make a big difference in our offense. I will note though with him being a PAC 12 player and seeing all the other PAC 12 players Kelly and Howie picked I am not really upset that they passed on him and have no problem with the Bennie pick.

Round 4: My pick Matt Barkley

I might have considered safety here also nut just thought this was the perfect spot to take a flier on a QB this year. It just seemed like the best route to go. We were not just this draft away from a NFC championship ( not saying it is impossible just not the most likely outcome for this team) so taking a chance on a former top 10 rated player is a great idea. It is very possible that with a healthy body and offensive line last year that he might not have been there when the Eagles picked in the first round.

Round 5: My pick Tharold Simon

This is kinda nitpicking but I just would have liked to see a corner vs. a safety here I still really like Wolff and he very easily could become better than Simon. I just feel like we have more talent albeit with injury or other concerns at safety than corner. Also what makes the Wolff pick better in the Eagles actual draft is getting Poyer in the 7th. To me it is almost a toss up between the two, but with Simon being a corner and fitting the "big people beat up little people" theme I would like to have seen him.

Round 7 first pick: My pick Joe Kruger

They pretty much nailed this one. A perfect type of 7th round pick. I could go into a evaluation but people better than me at that already have so I will leave it at that.

Round 7 second pick: My pick Jordan Poyer

Again hard to argue with picking Poyer. Kelly knows this guy very well most scouts rated this guy much higher than the 7th round. So what ever reason he fell to this spot , the 7th round is the perfect spot to pick guys who fall this far.

Round 7 third pick: My pick Matt Summers-Gavin

After seeing what a "few" injuries at O-line can do to a season I would like to have taken a flier on a OL with the last pick. Here is his overview from the NFL website

Summers-Gavin moved from left guard to right tackle in 2011 to protect lefty quarterback Zach Maynard’s blind side and team up with Cleveland 2012 second-round pick, Mitchell Schwartz. The technician has a long competitive streak allowing him to make such a switch, although his size might cause NFL teams to project him as a better fit starting inside in a zone scheme.

Seems like someone who could be useful as a spot starter and depth player.

That is how would have like to have seen the draft go. I do like the players the Eagles picked and have to say this is the most excited I have been for a Eagles season to get started in a long while. So great job Chip and Howie cant wait for camp to start. One last thing do ya'll think it is to early to do a depth chart (just kidding).

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