A Brits Draft Day Review

Chip’s first draft and he should come away feeling generally happy. Everyone said he’d make some unusual choices and in some respects he most certainly lived up to that most notably selecting Matt Barkley in the 4th round.

Player positions can be tweaked but looking at who we draft, we can get a sense of what scheme we’re leaning towards and with Bennie Logan we have a good 4-3 Under defensive tackle, again this could be wrong.

The Eagles 2013 Draft Picks:

1st round – Pick 4 – Lane Johnson T Oklahoma

2nd round – Pick 35 – Zach Ertz TE Stanford
3rd round – Pick 67 – Bennie Logan DT LSU

4th round – Pick 101 – Matt Barkley QB USC
5th round – Pick 136 – Earl Wolff S N.C. State
7th round – Pick 212 from Cleveland (David Sims deal) – Joe Kruger DE Utah
7th round – Pick 218 from Tampa (A Benn deal) – Jordan Poyer DB Oregon
7th round – Pick 239 Compensatory pick – David King DE Oklahoma

P Brad Wing – LSU
ILB Jake Knott – Iowa State
RB Miguel Maysonet – Stonybrook
DL Isaac Remington – Oregon
OG Matt Tobin – Iowa
OC Kyle Quinn – Arizona
WR Russell Sheppard – LSU
DE Damion Square – Alabama
RB Matthew Tucker – TCU

Round one pick, four then, and you have to wonder if Miami did indeed swoop in on Chip’s initial target Dion Jordan. Despite this we selected Lane Johnson, a quick Tackle out of Oklahoma who has seen time as a QB and spent just two years as a Tackle. He has huge upsides though, he has a great set of hands and plants his feet very well whilst on the move.

He will hopefully signal the end of Watkins, though Chip likes a bit of competition so he’ll still be given a chance before returning to being a firefighter. Taking Lane means that we can slip Herremans back into his preferred Guard role and with the Offensive Line looking like this, Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans & Johnson our line went from being a concern to a strength with that one pick. Good start for Chip.

With pick 35 we selected Zach Ertz the TE out of Stanford and many didn’t like this and I can see why. We have a few needs within the roster and many thought TE wasn’t one of them, and that’d be true if Andy was still here, but he’s not. Chip likes to utilise and load up on TE’s. This pick has Chip Kelly’s signature all over it and we’ve walked away with a safe pair of hands who can block well. I would only question his speed and YAC which weren’t amazing, not exactly the next Gronk.

Bennie Logan a DT from LSU came with pick 67 and I won’t pretend to know a great deal about him but from reading and watching a good amount of tape last night he does look pretty good, though as said before a definite 4-3 Under DT not so much suited to the 3-4. His key ability is being very quick and he does have good pass rush abilities so it will be interesting to see what Chip does with him in the coming season.

The surprise of the draft came with our 4th rounder, many expected a mobile QB to fit Chip’s new offense. What we got instead was Matt Barkley, someone tipped to go first round if not 1st pick overall a year ago before slipping further and further down draft boards during his 2012 season. Chip had him as a Top 50 target stating that Matt’s ‘repetitive accuracy’ is one of the guys biggest strengths.

Although he has a good few weaknesses, namely his arm strength which is somewhat lacking, when you line up next to Vick who can long bomb 90yd passes with a good deal of accuracy you’d no doubt worry where you fit in. His decision making is pretty poor to, he’ll more often than not force passes and did struggle to read defenses last season. He has experience which is great and he loves his football, another positive in a time when players prefer Twitter to Playbooks, will he pan out? I have no idea.

In the fifth we got Earl Wolff an explosive, hard hitting Safety some have compared him to Dawkins. A silly comparison to make this early in his career especially when the kid hasn’t even played a down in the NFL. He has great acceleration and a very good vertical leap, great for plucking INT’s out of the sky. Issues, yes he has issues, that being his smarts which he seems to be a little short of. Some have gone as far to say that he didn’t even understand his defensive playbook in N.C State, but I doubt that’s entirely true.

As for our 7th rounders, I know nothing about David King. Poyer i’ve seen and does look good though his combine was grim, he had a pathetic vertical jump and in the bench press managed just 8 reps, he’ll need a good amount of strength conditioning as he’ll struggle in the NFL without a doubt. Joe Kruger could be an interesting prospect to watch out of Utah, some say he should have stayed in school and considering the Eagles graded him as a 4th/5th rounder you have to wonder how he ended up a 7th.

We also signed a small set of UDFA’s, nice to see Wing the punter from LSU, always like looking at Punters/Kickers in the UDFA as the guy does have a big leg and will hopefully help pin back teams and give us some nice field position. I do think Punters come draft day are a little underated, field position is critical and hopefully with Wing we can help our Offense by giving them as little field to drive up as possible.

Once the picks have sunk in I’ll try and give it a grade, was it as successful a draft as last year? I’m not sure right now as I liked a lot of people we picked up in 2012, this year it’s not so easy.

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