Here's what Chip "Chess" Kelly is thinking, maybe...

Well been pondering since the Barkley pick up where this is all going for the Offense. I truly believe Chip Kelly has two versions ( by versions a dual threat of Read option to run and 3 TE's on the field, one TE being the H-back) in mind for his NFL Offense and is planning on using both depending on the play called. Chip Kelly may well use both versions in game together. Chip Kelly has to mesh it together with the right QB, plain and simple! Each play they could read option run or go vertical with the pass each and every play.

I like this thought of an Offense with 3 TE's on the field with the threat of the read option ( and Oregon ran a cool inside outside read option version with lot's of slight variations to the run plays) QB who can run on the play as well as give it to McCoy or Brown depending whose in, WOW!!!. With a Great, Healthy O-Line in front of them that's gonna be tough to defend !

The more I watch the O-Line blocking scheme for this " DUCK" offense, the more excited I become for this upcoming season and the year's to follow! I have watched and am still watching about 50 video tutorials on the Oregon Offense WOW!!! ( Super Sweet site " " for what has landed in Philly Eagles Fans!). Now I know what all the buzz and excitement in the NovaCare complex is all about!

What I envision is Celek and Ertz in a double TE set, Casey the H- back with McCoy and a 1 WR set. Casey goes in motion and you have a real QB read option threat to run as well on any given play, wow it's gonna give Defenses fits, not to mention all the variations from that offensive formation! Sweet can't wait to see it in action!

I could see Foles ( I like bigger people per Chip Kelly, is this true for the QB height as well?) running this offense with 3 Te's in the game. I could also envision Vick in a read option version. Foles version with the mismatches 3 TE's gives you, gets an early lead in a game and starts to wear down the opposing defenses.

I guess it boils down to the QB spot. Ideally they want Nick Foles height, ability to be able to read pre-snap defenses, quick release and vision! Mike Vick’s speed, run versatility and accurate spiral all rolled into 1 QB to run this Offense.

With Dixon, Barkely & Kinne on the roster in back-up mode should a QB get injured or are any of these 3 a real starting QB possibility to lead this team to a new level? Maybe the start of the Dixon/Barkley era, gonna have to see who performs the best in TC with this high potent, explosive, evolving, and well thought out offense for sure!

Play one version then rest the QB in a high tempo offense. Vick ( you would think would be a bit better in the read option mode because of true run threat ) and Vick would need a breather, in goes Foles.

Nick Foles quick reads and quick release favor more of the pass threats 3 TE's in a game would present. McCoy will need a breather in goes Bryce Brown.

I guess with the lead you would like to run the ball more. Pound the Rock and eat the Clock. The read option does have one fatal flaw, just drill the QB who runs it every play ( with or without the ball )! When NFL Defenses figure this out. I wonder how long before Barkley's separated shoulder becomes an issue again? Yet the QB exposure is limited. Gonna be interesting the Defenses to be employed to slow down this baby.

Not sure who spells or rests for the O-Line if that's the case. Possibly Chip Kelly is playing with both variations and is yet to figure out for himself with out trying what would be more effective in today's NFL. I suspect it all would be effective it's just a matter of maximizing the 53 man roster and the practice squad.

Time will tell, dying for TC already to begin, it maybe decided in camp who is the right MAN for the QB Job!!!

Chip Kelly does have 5 applicant's and I would guess all are working there A$$es off to be the starter in what seems to be an Epic NFL Offense in the making. Simply Awesome! Thank-you GOD!!!

Great times to be an EAGLES FAN FOR SURE!!!

" Cream rises to the top !"

May the Best QB win out!!!

" I Love it when a plan comes together! "

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