Everything about this draft makes sense

A few thoughts out loud here:

1. We drafted BPA on OUR board.... I get why some were wondering why we didn't draft more for need. But as Jason B already pointed out, were not competing for the Lombardi this year. So why draft for need as opposed to collecting the BPA on your draft board? We didn't have to reach for a single prospect, and every guy we got fits the mold of what we're trying to do here.

2. Recall a draft article awhile back in Rolling Stone. One of the points was "use a mid round pick on a QB." Why? It's a low-risk, but potentially high reward situation. Even if you have a franchise QB you could potentially have a QB who could step in and play really well for an injured QB and create MAJOR trade bait (no really, Cassel, Schaub, Kolb, Feely, etc), or you may just groom yourself a potential franchise out of nowhere (Wilson, Kapernick, Brady.)... If you wanted to you could even count the 2nd round picks like Drew Brees and Andy Dalton that were low risk (out of first round) but potentially really high reward....

Which brings me to the next point.. We got Barkley for a 4th? If the kid can't play you know what that means to our franchise? Nothing at all...If he ends up returning to 2011 form -- hey we have a GOOD problem!!!

3. How exciting is it to draft guys who have SIZE AND SPEED!! Oh, no to mention, guys who play with a MEAN streak!!! Guys like Trotter, Runyan, Dawkins, Sheldo Brown, ETC gained notoriety here and in the league for playing with some attitude from whistle to whistle.Looks like all of the guys we brought in either through FA or draft will at least play with some PRIDE on the field!!!!!!

4. I know everyone wanted a high pick on safety like Cyprien (and I did too)....But it totally makes sense if we didn't value any of those safeties at all...

I think defensive backs have lost their value somewhat as evidenced by the FA class this year. Top guys were getting 6 million a year and in years past they were getting 9-10 mil a year. And I believe that to be the case because of the top offenses in the league using 4 WR sets and quick throws. So having that shut down guy on the outside doesn't mean that much when you potentially have 3 other mis matches on the field. Resources have to be used elsewhere.

Second, if you take a look at the SB contestants, none of their secondaries were overly impressive. Ed Reed is a HOF talent but can anyone say Bernard Pollard is more than just a really good inside the box and adequate cover guy who can hit? Or Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams were more than above average CBs?

How about on SF side? They had to sign our bust of a CB Asomugha this off season for some help!

Bottom line is that I don't think you need a secondary with pro bowl talent littered in it in today's NFL...

5. Last, but certainly not least, is the "speculation" that Kelly needs an athletic QB in his system be put to rest now?

Good Lord, hearing radio jockeys, beat writers, and fans alike clamor how they KNOW that to run a Chip Kelly offense you need an athletic QB... Forget it if you have a good pocket passer Kelly needs a kid who can run...Forget the fact that Kelly said he tailors his offense to what he has in a personnel he needs a kid who can run first and foremost... Forget about him saing many times he wasn't bringing his college playbook to the NFL but alas, Kelly NEEDS a kid who can run!!!!

Look for Vick to be traded with Nick Foles as QB 1 and Barkley as QB 2 and the rest of the guys cut. Even if Barkley starts, you STILL have to trade/cut Vick seeing as this is a rebuilding team which a 7 million a year aging, decking QB has no business being on.

And I really hope we end up going in the right direction because if we go anymore backwards it'll take years to dig ourselves out of the hole!!! Bu one things for sure I'm psyched for the season already!!!

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