Day 3: 11 guys to watch

No particular order, "Just my thoughts, man - right or wrong. Just how I was feeling at the time." - A Very Wealthy Rapper

Jesse Williams - 6'3/323 DT/NT - Probably a guy with some of the most experience that is left on the board, coming out of Alabama. Biggest issue, a two down guy that can't rush. Still great value in the 4th round. Eagles will likely look for a NT option that can get to the QB.
Jordan Poyer - 5'11/197 CB - Eagles not sound at CB just yet, Poyer is an option with most of the better Safeties off the board. Ball hawk, solid tackler; had 7 picks and 51 tackles. Just not speedy or lengthy.
Montori Hughes - 6'4"/329 DT/NT - A guy that has been firmly in the 4th round for a while, had off the field issues. On the field not quite an issue, just lacks the resume of competition in 2012. Can get in to the backfield and pressure the QB. Could be an option for the Eagles.
Ryan Nassib - 6'2/227 QB - Pretty good value for Nassib the 4th round, very good in the 5th should he fall any further. Has experience running hurry-up/no huddle offense with 'Cuse. Nice size, accurate not quite a cannon. Eagles could see value due to his experience, although seems less likely that they add a QB in the 4th or 5th or at all.
Alex Okafor - 6'4/264 DE - Most say he doesn't fit the scheme, but he is a top talent still on the board. If you're drafting BPA you have to consider him in the 4th. In a 3-4 he is undersized to be a DE and too slow to be a OLB, but he produced in a major conference putting up 12.5 sacks and 16.5 tackles for loss. It could behoove you to see if you can't make him fit. Lane Johnson sang his praises, saying he was one of the best pass rushers he lined up against.

Barrett Jones - 6'4/305 C - Almost like the Wilson Valdez/Freddy Galvis of the draft, a real utility man. Which is some of the reason he slipped, it's kind of bad when you can be anything. I know that sound less than intelligent, but Jones isn't really stellar at anything, he is very solid but lacking major "upside". He is smart, very aware and hard worker. On the flipside he isn't very athletic, can get lost in the sauce and has health issues. But he can be an asset to just about any team adding depth and experience on the interior of the o-line, something the Eagles learned last year they can always use plenty of.
William Gholston - 6'6/281 DE - Famous last name, easy to be weary of him and he has kind of be knocked because of his brother being a bust. In the 4th round, he is a value pick. Run stopping DE, with height and length could be Calais Campbell-like by swatting passes at the LOS and getting stuffs on the edge with 3-4 sacks. HAS to improve his pass rush or will only be a two down guy.
Earl Wolff - 6'0, 207 S - You might like the guy a lot if you're an "Odd Future" fan, you may have not seen what I tried to do there, don't mind it. Wolff has a lot of what you like to see from a Safety prospect, he tackle totals can get picks and can force fumbles. His issue is probably pass protection, he doesn't play strong at the snap and sometime lazy tackling of bigger guys. Solid guy, probably will be passed up.
Jordan Mills - 6'5/316 OT - Solid run and pass blocker. His biggest drawbacks are lack of experience and level of competition. He also has some lazy technique problems and commits penalties, as well as doesn't make like to make early contact so he can get beat quickly. He is another "upside" guy, lots of size not fast but is strong just doesn't use it consistently. His value is middle rounds can offer more depth on recovering o-line.
Mike Gillislee - 5'11/208 RB - Much has been made about Lattimore, so I figured not to add him because it seems to go without saying. Tough guy that played through injury in 2012, nice game speed with a mix of power. Could be a good spell back option considering Chip's offense is expected to run 70-80 plays most games. He has ball security issues and little bit of Charlie Garner in him, he likes to dance at the line and tend to waste holes. Good 5th/6th round value.

Ryan Swope - 6'0/205 WR - Good slot receiver option, nice first step at the line. Solid body frame, good blocker, nice hands. Issues with playing fast (game speed does not mirror his 4.34 40 time), not very athletic and while he is solid build he isn't overly strong as a WR. Chip could like Swope because he has some Welker in him (not because he is white) because he can be a volume ball catcher in the slot, catch screens and work through zones.

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