NFL Draft 2013 - Day 1 Reactions

We took Lane Johnson overall at #4. I didn't love the pick at first but I can live with it. Does this finally mean Danny Watkins is going to be the back up RG and Herresman slides back to his old RG spot? Who knows, we'll have to wait till training camp for that. I would grade our draft a B so far.


The Vikings landed talented prospects that I didn't expect to be there at all. They took Shariff Floyd at #23 after he slid like a landslide from where he was projected. I don't know the cause of it but damn..they got a steal. They continued to grab Xavier Rhodes and traded back up into the first round (#29) to grab Cordarelle Patterson at the expense of their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th picks to the Patriots. Looks damn good on paper.

Jerry (Jerruh) Jones never fails to impress me. He is the key to the basement cellar for the Cowboys for years to come. You know that joke about the Cowboys never drafting Oline? Well I think that offended him and he reached for Center, Travis Frederick. Keep it up Jerruh!

The reach for offense linemen. DJ Fluker, Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, and Travis Frederick were all drafted in the first round. Of those names, I only expected Fluker to go in the first round. I'm guessing teams were really uncomfortable with not being able to grab them or I'm just a idiot.

Mike Mayock. I don't know if he was getting the picks right off the top of his head or if he was wired in with the network. It was nice to see him get it right since the guy works his ass off during the draft.


The Jaguars, who most people thought would go for a defensive prospect like Dion Jordan decided to take Luke Joeckel instead.The Bills took EJ Manuel at #16. Say what? Yea that's right, Geno wasn't the first QB off the board. Speaking of Geno Smith...he'll go somewhere in Day 2. I would welcome him if he's still available for our 2nd round pick.

What to expect in Day 2.

So far there's plenty of talent floating around since teams decided to reach for certain prospects.


Geno Smith

Jonathan Hankins

Jonathan Cyprien

Tank Carradine

Jamar Taylor

Keenan Allen

I guess all 4 prospects could fill a need and I wouldn't hate any of those picks. Most likely Hankins will go to the Jaguars, Taylor could go to the 49ers, and what could be left is Geno Smith, Cyprien, and the rest of the 2nd round talents. Allen would be a luxury pick but if Chip wants him then you can't really object.

What we still need to address. Note: Not in any particular order.

DL (5 tech/NT)







What was your reactions?

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