Recap - Mocking The Draft/SB Nation Community Draft - Eagles War Room

The annual SB Nation/Mocking the Draft community mock draft took place on April 20th and April 21st. The War Room from our community for this draft included Dan Klausner, Mike Kaye, Brandon Lee, AndersJ, P_Roach17, jordanvanica and myself.

Before the draft took place we were able to make a few trades. These trades are noted below.

1st Round – No. 4 Overall
2nd Round – No. 35
3rd Round – No. 67
4th Round – No. 101
5th Round – No. 136
6th Round - No.175 via Cleveland acquired by trading Kurt Coleman and the 218th pick
7th Round – No. 210
7th Round – No. 212
7th Round – Houston via Miami (No. #224) by trading Derek Carrier
7th Round – Compensatory Pick (No. 239)

Day 1


The first day was hectic, to say the least, I handled the GM duties for day one and it was very eventful to say the least.

Before the draft we were able to procure a 5th rounder from Seattle. We ended up trading our 6th (175), two 7th's (212,224), 2014 6th and David Sims for a high 5th (138). In hindsight this was the dumbest move we probably made and I take sole responsibility for it.

I tried to trade Jeremy Maclin but was ridiculed by the other GM's when I asked for a 2nd or a 3rd and a 4th. I also tried to unload Phillip Hunt but unfortunately there were no takers. Thus ending any hope for any pre-draft trades.

Draft Begins

The draft began with the Kansas City Chiefs taking Luke Joeckel first overall. The Jacksonville Jaguars then to everyone's mild surprise took Ezekiel Ansah at number 2. At number 3 the Cleveland Browns, who made a blockbuster trade with Oakland landed Dion Jordan.

At this point, our draft room was filled with glee (mostly) as the top prospect on our consensus Big Board was still available. So with the #4 pick we elected to select Eric Fisher, Central Michigan, OT. We saw Eric Fisher as our starting Right Tackle in the short term and as a Left Tackle in the long term. This move also helped fortify our Offensive Line overall.

As the draft went on, our war room was intrigued as a few prospects we liked started falling but unfortunately we didn't want to give up too many picks to move up. Then just when the value was about right we traded into the first with Arizona (Pick 29) to secure Jonathan Cyprien, FIU, who our draft room was very high on.We gave up picks 35, 67, 101, 210 for picks 29, 70, 235. I would say that it's pretty good value for a player we coveted.

To finish off the first day of mock drafting we picked up Jesse Williams, Alabama, who surprisingly fell to pick #70. Dan wanted to pick his man crush Travis Kelce but unfortunately for him he was all alone on that boat.

For those wondering, Geno Smith went in the second round. He was a player that we all deliberated about but although his value was very high at that point we didn't feel as though he would work in our system (but what do we know).

At the end of Day 1 this was our board.

1st Round – No. 4 - Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
1st Round – No. 29 - Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International
3rd Round – No. 70 - Jesse Williams, DL, Alabama
5th Round – No. 136
5th Round - No.138 via Seattle
7th Round – No. 210
7th Round – Compensatory Pick (No. 239)

Day 2

On Day 2, Dan took over as the GM.

We debated about possibly moving back into the 4th but decided the price was a bit high so we decided to keep our picks and maybe look for a trade back. The trade back opportunity came when the Kansas City GM contacted us about moving into the 5th round. In order to rectify my stupidity the day before we gave up pick 136 for pick 170 and 207.

Over the course of the 4th round and until our pick in the 5th a few of the prospects we coveted were picked away. Thus leaving us with two players who our war room was divided on (Reid Fragel and David Quessenberry). As the room was divided the vote to break the tie fell to me. Personally I was leaning towards Fragel but decided that the only fair way to decide the pick would be by coin toss. I tossed the coin three times hoping to land the side that favored Fragel at least once but unfortunately that didn't happen. So I decided to let fate have its day and broke the tie by picking David Quessenberry OG/OT, San Jose State.

Once again as we waited for our pick in the 6th round, we saw players that we were high on get picked one by one off the board. Fortunately for us he CB most of in the draft room coveted and would most likely have taken in the 4th was still on the board. So with pick no. 170, we selected Brandon McGee, Miami.

Now the next pick was where I advocated for a QB, specifically Matt Scott but the war room did not share my sentiment and it was decided that if he fell to pick 235, we would pick him up. So instead we opted to go for a TE. There were two TE's on the board that we were enamored with Zac Sudfeld and Ryan Otten. Anders who probably should've been sleeping, pined for his guy Sudfeld but in the end we decided to go with Ryan Otten, TE, San Jose State.

Unfortunately for me, Matt Scott was taken just 2 picks after we picked Otten. Although disappointed at not being able to pick up Matt Scott, I was happy for Dan when we picked up Tristan Okpalaugo, OLB, Fresno State with pick #235. Dan as you might remember was heart broken, in fantasy mock draft universe, when we picked Jesse Williams over Travis Kelce, so to make up for that we all agreed that we should use a 7th rounder on his guy Tristan Oklahoma. With our final pick we decided to go with Micheal Mauti, Penn State. This pick was also debated between me and Dan but in the end Dan won out. This ending the draft portion of the Mock Draft. We were then told to choose 5 UDFA's which are listed below along with our alternates.

All in all it was a fun experience and I would def. do it again. Maybe next year we can have more differing opinions on our panel.

Eagles Picks

1st Round – No. 4 – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

1st Round – No. 29 – Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International

3rd Round – No. 70 – Jessie Williams, DL, Alabama

5th Round – No.138 – David Quessenberry, OG/OT, San Jose State

6th Round – No. 170 – Brandon McGee, CB, Miami

7th Round – No. 207 – Ryan Otten, TE, San Jose State

7th Round – No. 235 – Tristan Okpalaugo, OLB, Fresno State

7th Round – No. 239 – Micheal Mauti, ILB, Penn State


George Winn, RB, Cincinnati
Jordan Rodgers, QB, Vanderbilt
Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers
Dexter McCoil, S, Tulsa
Quinton Dial, DT, Alabama

Backup UDFA list (in order of preference):

Benny Cunningham, RB, Middle Tennessee State
Brice Butler, WR, San Diego State
Cody Davis, FS, Texas Tech
Rashaan Melvin, CB, Northern Illinois
Joe Vellano, DT, Maryland


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