The Perfect Mock (with trades)

We Trade:

4th pick (1800) for the dolphins 12th overall pick(1200), 42nd overall pick (480), and the 84th overall pick (170). They have two second rounders and two third rounders, so they can afford this trade for one of the three elite left tackle prospects available in the top 5. The Brandon Albert trade is seeming less likely to happen because the Chiefs are asking for too much.

1200+480+170=1850 which is close to 1800

Hopefully Roseman can convince the Dolphins brass to accept this offer.

1st: WR Tavon Austin- it seems unlikely that Ansah or Jordan will drop down to 12th overall. The reason I chose Tavon Austin is because he is strong, had a wonderful senior season as both a dynamic receiver, running back, and a kick returner. He plays tough unlike Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, and can strengthen our slot position. Kelly's mouth would water for this once in a decade talent. There is no point investing in needs first round because of all the extra picks available in the second and third rounds. This draft is all about depth but of all the players in the first round, Austin seems like the only surefire prospect for the coming decade.

2nd: OT Menelik Watson- After our injury-filled season, I think it is logical to invest in a young healthy tackle. I know some really want Terron Armstead, but I think Menelik Watson is simply too good of a talent to pass up.

Here is a nugget from CBS Draft Profile:

"In terms of upside, Watson ranks right up there with the Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson as one of the elite talents among offensive tackles in the 2013 draft. Possesses light feet, long arms, and natural overall weight distribution. Flashes great quickness and balance when dropping back into pass protection. Naturally strong, heavy hands to latch on and control opponents. Flashes a physical pop to rock defenders on their heels. Good balance. Natural knee bender who can sink to absorb contact. Best attribute might be straight-line speed. Races off the ball to block defenders at the second level, sometimes 20+ yards downfield. Blessed with the traits that will catch the imagination of NFL offensive line coaches for every team in the league."

Now he does have some weaknesses in terms of being raw, but having an accomplished O-Line coach in Jeff Stoutland will definitely assist Watson's progression. If Watson is not available as he is predicted to go late first round, I suggest we look at Terron Armstead.

2nd: CB Darius Slay- An impressive cornerback who possess elite athleticism, good quickness, and excellent arms. He is not polished, but he can develop behind Cary WIlliams and become a powerful pass defender for years to come.

3rd: TE Travis Kelce- I would love Travis Kelce! He can go into the backfield, slot, and line up as a blocker. He is a bit new to the position, but can become a powerful threat for Chip to use. His addition would balance out the size of our receivers being that our WR corps are relatively small. Seeing that our third round pick is relatively early, we have a good chance of picking him up.

3rd: G/C Barrett Jones- Coming from Alabama, I think Jones would love to be reunited with his O line coach. Jones is so flexible that if we were to have any injury, Jones would be able to fit in well. Evan Mathis and Watkins are aging, and we need to bring in dependable replacements unlike last year. If Kelce is injured or does not measure up to his potential, we can work with Jones for him to replace Kelce as Center.

4th: FS Bacarri Rambo- Compared to Dashon Goldson, Rambo hits like a truck and has good awareness and athleticism. Awesome ball skills and amazing body control. He did fail a drug test last year, and needs help with decision making. Playing behind Kenny Philips should give him exposure and not push him too much.

5th: LB Nico Johnson- Coming from Alabama, you know Johnson is an intimidating defender. He can cover but was not asked too pass rush that often. He has starter potential but needs someone to mentor and bring him up. Who better than our own Demeco Ryans.

6th: RB Marcus Lattimore- This is where lucky picks are chosen. I think Lattimore can become a beast. He was excellent before he got injured and tore his ACL. I think if he gets better, it will be huge for this offense, which lacks a big running back. Lattimore can be unstoppable in the field due to his lower body strength and is a decent blocker. Kelly would love to have this type of change of pace running back.

7th: DT TJ Barnes- Big prospect who has good quickness and uses his body well. He is very raw and did not have any elite competition, but can be serviceable backup at NT.

7th: DE Devin Taylor- A HUGE DE but a bit stiff. I would love to get him! He has great straight line quickness and a ridiculous wingspan. He could be a huge steal in this draft if coached well.

7th: OT Garrett Gilkey- A tall and strong tackle who lacks experience against elite competition and tends to play very high. Needs to be coached well in order to succeed. This is a low risk medium reward pick.

7th- WR Denard Robinson- It would be interesting to see what Kelly thinks of this multi talented athlete.

This is my perfect draft, and keep in mind, that this will not solve all our problems. In order tor return to our prime, we need a few more drafts and off seasons to really push for the Superbowl ring. Can't wait for tommorow!

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