Eagles Week 1-4 Predictions

Philadelphia Eagles Week 1- 4 Preview At First Glance

Most of us NFL fans know that last year would be considered one of the most disappointing seasons the Philadelphia Eagles have suffered since 1998 when the Eagles went 3-13. Under head coach Andy Reid the 2012 season was his worst as Eagles head coach. Going 4-12 after starting out 2-0 is one way to lose your job, especially when your job was already on the line to begin with. He did just that as the Eagles announced Reid would not be returning for the 2013 season as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead they brought in Chip Kelly from Oregon University to run the show here in Philadelphia.

Chip Kelly with a 46-7 record at Oregon has quite a bit to prove before many of us fans can consider him and the Eagles a contender after not having a winning record since 2010 in which they went 10-6 that season. With his first year as head coach this is what Chip Kelly’s schedule will be..

19-Sep @ Redskins

15-Sep Chargers

19-Sep Chiefs

29-Sep @ Broncos

6-Oct @ Giants

13-Oct @ Buccaneers

20-Oct Cowboys

27-Oct Giants

3-Nov @ Raiders

10-Nov @ Packers

17-Nov Redskins

24-Nov BYE

1-Dec Cardinals

8-Dec Lions

5-Dec @ Vikings

22-Dec Bears

29-Dec @ Cowboys

Now lets look at each game a bit carefully starting with the game against the Washington Redskins. RG3 suffered a horrible injury last year and may or may not play in this game. My personal prediction is that he won’t be back until at least week 3.(It’s better to be safe than sorry) With that being said can the Eagles pull it off against Kirk Cousins and the ‘Skins? I believe so. Just like last year the Eagles will come out the gates swinging and against a division rival they will be looking for blood.

Prediction: Eagles 24 Redskins 17

Week 2, will be a home opener against the San Diego Chargers.Both teams will be very unfamiliar against one another and it will be like playing in the dark. Yes I know they will have film & all but seems how they only play this team 1 time every 4 years they do not know each other too well. In my personal opinion the Chargers do not have as many weapons as the Eagles.Without a Runningback and Wide Receiver really stepping up for them and becoming a Vincent Jackson (Who now plays in Tampa) I do not see Phillip Rivers leading this Chargers group to a victory against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Prediction: Eagles 31 Chargers 10

Week 3, the return of Andy Reid. Andy Reid was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs this off-season and has accumulated a nice quarterback, Alex Smith. The Chiefs also own the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft which in my opinion they will take a nice lineman to protect Smith. With a healthy line, a healthy quarterback, and smart decisions who knows what Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs could do! The Eagles will be looking to prove themselves to their ex-head coach. If the Eagles can avoid injuries coming into week 3 this could very well be one of the most speculated matchups of the season for both teams. If Vick hits his huge fumbling streak once again like last season this game could turn right around for Philadelphia and they could find themselves playing from behind which I believe will happen.

Prediction: Eagles 14 Chiefs 24

The Eagles will be traveling to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado in week 4 to face which may be one of the toughest teams in all of the NFL. With the addition of Wes Welker to play aside Thomas and Decker, Peyton Manning will have endless options. The Eagles may just have to weak of a cornerback core (Even if they draft a corner 1st round) matching up against this potential number 1 offense in the NFL. The cornerbacks could even be the least of Philadelphia’s troubles. The Safeties are another must fix for the Eagles. With the addition of former University of Oregon player Patrick Chung I feel like this was just not big enough of a transaction to solve all of the safety problems the Eagles have been facing. If Kurt Coleman can step up his game this season it might not be as bad as many of us are expecting. In this matchup this will be an offensive contest and the better offense will win the game. In that case Denver will come out on top by 14+.

Prediction: Eagles 21 Broncos 41

At the end of week 4 the Eagles could very well be looking at a 2-2 record heading into week 5 to play the Giants. If they are any worse, by only winning none or one of the first 4 games the Eagles will find themselves at the beginning of yet another horrible season upon them.The key to success for Philadelphia will be to keep their stars healthy and get the offensive line striving for success. If this does happen watch out NFC East the Philadelphia Eagles are coming for you.

The NFL Fan.


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