Why Darelle Revis will be an Eagle.

Hey BGN, how's it going? I have a very strong feeling here and I felt the need to explain in a FanPost. Two years ago, before we knew they would play horrifically, I wrote an article that the Eagles should ship Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and sign Nnamdi Asomugha. I felt amazing when both came true and I have the same feeling I did then with the scenario right now. This is why I believe Darelle Revis will become an Eagle via trade.

Now, this is a very sorted out situation and I really see this coming true.

Why should the Eagles make this trade?

In a division with good quarterbacks with some more dominant receivers, I can't be serious when I think the Eagles are happy with the corners they have going into training camp. Not to take away from Bradley Fletcher, but he has been an injury prone corner and has shown only flashes. Simple and plain, he hasn't show consistency in his career. The NFC East has receivers like Dez Bryant and Hakeem Nicks. I use them as examples because they are physical monsters. Cary Williams has proven to hold his own but I question the other side. With Miles Austin and Victor Cruz (I do not see him leaving NYG) on the other sides of the previously stated wideouts, Bradley Fletcher's ability could become exposed. It makes a lot of sense to me to ship the 4th overall pick to the Jets, along with lower round picks, to snag Revis.

Why should the Jets make this trade?

Rex Ryan needs to give the fans something other than a circus. With are good buddy old pal Marty as their new offensive coordinator, they could use a new quarterback. I think Sanchez is done for and I love Tebow as a person but it's time to move... to put it easy. David Garrard is on their roster but... it's Garrard. He's decent, yeah, but he is really old and they need to move in a forward direction. With the Jets initiating this trade, they now sit at number four, in position to draft Geno Smith, a quarterback that Marty can develop, especially if they try to run a West Coast offense. With two picks in the top ten, NYJ can bring in new young talent to install hope into their fan base and have some tools to work with in the future.

How does this all go down?

I have come to love Howie Roseman and this is why I think I'll love the guy some more: I bet he swings a decent deal towards the Jets' way but they won't pull the trigger cause "it is not enough." I imagine Roseman throwing out the fact Revis is off an ACL injury. He will also hint the Jets about the cap hit they will take if do not get rid of the frustrated corner. The Jets take a HUGE cap hit. Im not precise but I believe it is somewhere around thirteen million and they need to get rid of him being in his last year of his contract if they want something in return for the former All-Pro. This is a draft day trade where the Jets grow desperate and Howie Roseman works his magic. To me, this makes a lot of sense. There are great receivers with talented quarterbacks within the NFC East. How about we create a secondary that can compete? I know we have a bitter taste in our mouths with Asomugha and his AMAZING 2 year stint but let it not effect how you may feel about Revis. He is ahead of schedule on his knee and this is a perfect situation for the Eagles management to capitalize. He is far better, even at 29, then Milliner or any other talent in the draft. At least with how this draft is projected to go. I see this as an ideal Roseman situation ESPECIALLY since he works behind the scenes. Watch this trade go down....

Please share your thoughts and let me know what you think and if this goes down, somebody ship me a cheesesteak down to Florida.

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