Philadelphia Eagles 2013 schedule announced

Rich Schultz

The Eagles begin the Chip Kelly era on a Monday night in Washington.

The Philadelphia Eagles 2013 schedule has been leaked and we've got it.

There are some notable games to look forward starting right off the bat with a Monday night game in Washington. It will be Chip Kelly's first game as an NFL coach and that is sure to bring some national attention, but if RG3 is able to get back then it could really turn into a big game. Either way it should be fun to start off with a rivalry game in primetime.

The Eagles get yet another primetime game 2 weeks later when Andy Reid returns to the Linc with the Chiefs for Thursday night football. It's too bad such an anticipated game got shuffled off onto the worst possible slot IMO, but the NFL is still trying to make us think that Thursday night football is something we should like.

It also is worth noting that the Thursday night game will be the 3rd game the Eagles will play in 10 days to start the season! Talk about welcome to the NFL for Chip Kelly. After that Thursday night game, the Birds have no more prime time games the rest of the season. That's what a 4-12 record gets you.

Then starts a relatively rough stretch with 3 straight road games. That said, as 3 game road trips go this one is about as friendly as it can get. The team gets extra rest before heading to Denver for what should be a very tough game. Then they come back to face the Giants in what is technically a road game but requires no traveling, before heading to Florida to take on the Bucs.

There is no such thing as easy back to back to back road games, but with some extra rest and a very close by game this wasn't isn't a killer.

What will be a killer is that back to back in November where the Eagles have to travel to the west coast to take on the Raiders then go to the midwest for a tough matchup with the Packers.

The Eagles get a very late bye this year in week 12 (the latest since 2000), where they'll get to rest up for a 5 game stretch to end the season with 3 games at home.

Here is the full schedule, what are your thoughts?

Week Date Opponent
1 9-Sep @ Redskins
2 15-Sep Chargers
3 19-Sep Chiefs
4 29-Sep @ Broncos
5 6-Oct @ Giants
6 13-Oct @ Buccaneers
7 20-Oct Cowboys
8 27-Oct Giants
9 3-Nov @ Raiders
10 10-Nov @ Packers
11 17-Nov Redskins
12 24-Nov BYE
13 1-Dec Cardinals
14 8-Dec Lions
15 5-Dec @ Vikings
16 22-Dec Bears
17 29-Dec @ Cowboys
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