Daily Norseman Community Draft- Eagles - Path to the Draft

Just thought I'd post this here, an account of all the trades and picks for the Eagles, complete with pick grades. Trading with 5 teams and acquiring 7 picks in the first 3 rounds was a lot of fun! A special thanks to Arif Hasan for organizing and and running this Community Draft, despite him drafting enough safeties to protect the planet from alien invasion. He did a very good job dealing with all the people who signed up but were unable to show up. Another Special thanks to my trade partners who I will credit below. So here it is-

In the days leading up to the draft I enlisted the opinions of Bleeding Green Nation. They gave me a good idea of there priorities. I have a teams needs list for all 32 teams, but the public interpretation of certain needs can be incorrect such as the Vikings need of a defensive-end back in 2010. I also on the day of the draft asked them about Jeremy Maclin's trade value which about 50% of them valued as a 2nd round pick.

Trade Number 1- Regarding the 4th overall pick, trading efforts were pursued all week, but because only a select few GM's showed up in the trade thread, trade efforts were unsuccessful. Devastatingly I was on the clock after much attempts to trade the pick. Aggressively I attempted to trade the pick. Arif was forced to act as the Cowboys GM due to there original GM not showing up. I tried desperately to move down to the 18th pick, but my efforts were in vain. Fortunately in the waning seconds, the Dolphins GM- Austin Blanch offered a trade sending me their early 2nd rounder to swap first rounders. I accepted the trade despite the trade chart value favoring him. An extra 2nd round pick was needed and this was my only trade offer.With this pick the Dolphins selected Luke Joeckel, the draft's premier LT.

Pick 1-12- Unfortunately I was forced by unforeseen circumstances to leave my draft war-room. I left my rough drafted big-board to Arif for my pick which I was unable to shop in the trade thread. I was counting of Jarvis Jones' stock to fall as it does in many mocks, However the Titans snatched him up before my pick. My big board that apparently had it's flaws, selected me Barkevious Mingo. Now, Barkevious Mingo is an awesome name, so awesome it won the 2009 name of the year award. In my opinion it is second only to Star Lotulelei in draft prospect's names. But I don't feel Barkevious Mingo was worth this high pick. Had I of been here I would've caught this error, however I was unable to. I returned only 5 minutes after my pick. Grade: C

Trade Number 2- The Eagles high 2nd rounder, much like all of the Eagles draft picks was available to trade. The Buccaneers GM- Zach_Bodenner who was a very active in his attempts to be Slick like Rick offered me a trade up on the condition that a select few players were available. After him getting all the action in the pre-draft trade thread, I was happy to be doing a deal with Zach. The trade was 2-4 going to the Buccaneers in exchange for 2-12, 4-14 and the Buccaneers 6th rounder. The Buccaneers used this selection on Tyler Eiffert, the TE out of Notre Dame.

Trade Number 3- Thanks to the prior trades, I now had to consecutive 2nd rounders. However, I found myself needing more draft picks. The Jet's also drafted my top rated player Margus Hunt. The Texans GM- CCNorseman was looking to trade up. Both the Panthers GM- purple packer eater, and myself were trade suitors. Because the asking price was the same, and my pick was higher, I was able to pull off this trade. In exchange for swapping 2nd rounders, I obtained their 3rd rounder. In return they drafted Manti T'eo, which for real, was the only draft pick that didn't show up on my screen.

Pick- 2-12- After trading away my first of two consecutive picks, I decided to keep this one. Also there were no trade suitors. After convincing debaters who wanted the Vikings to draft Jamar Taylor that he would be available with our late 2nd rounder, I decided to draft CB, Jamar Taylor. CB isn't incredibly deep, so I decided I'd better take a top one while I still could.Grade: A-

Trade Number 4- While wondering who to draft with the Texans 2nd rounder, I decided, I enjoyed having two consecutive picks. So with the Seahawks offering to wait a year to make there 2nd round pick if compensated, I decided to pull the trigger. I sent my 2014 2nd rounder and 4-4 to the Seahawks GM- KON, in exchange for there 2-24. This was my first trade up.

Pick 2-24- With passing on Luke Joeckel and Lane Johnson, the Eagles needed a tackle. Kyle Long was in my opinion the top one available. You could argue that Terron Armstead was, but I preferred Kyle Long. So I pulled the trigger. Grade: B+

Pick 2-25- DT's are an interesting class. They have 2 very good ones at the top, and then 6 more good ones. After that, there's a pretty good drop-off. With there being only one of the top 8 available, I decided I needed to draft the best 3-4 lineman I could find. Johnathan Jenkins was once mocked in the 1st round. I like this pick for the Eagles. Grade: A-

Pick 3-4- The Vikings traded down in the 1st and I decided to snatch another CB that they might want. No, not really. Tyranne Mathieu is a very talented player, whose talent doesn't belong falling this far. He was honest about drug test results that he could have very easily lied about. Honesty show me he wants to turn his life around. Grade: A

Pick 3-27- Thanks to Arif, the safeties in the draft were really thinning out. The Eagles could really use an upgrade at safety. I decided to pick one before Arif could take all the safeties in the draft. Shamarko Thomas was the top safety available. He was also less likely to fall than the other player I wanted. Grade: B-

Trade Number 5- With Arif stating there was no 4th round, I knew I had to act quick! I ran to the trade thread. Well, my mouse did anyway. I offered the farm for another 3rd rounder. The Ravens GM- Malte, took my 4th, 5th, and 6th rounder. I was desperate since the draft was about to end.

Pick 3-32- The 3-4 of the Eagles needs upgrading. Cory Lemonier went I believe in the 2nd round of our other community draft. It could have been early 3rd, but with not much top 3-4 prospects left available, I needed to draft Lemonier here. He could go as high as the 2nd. This is a great need-value pick. Grade: A

So here's the draft-

1-12- Barkevious Mingo- OLB

2-12- Jamar Taylor- CB

2-24- Kyle Long- T

2-25- Johnathan Jenkins- NT

3-4- Tyranne Mathieu- CB

3-27- Shamarko Thomas- S

3-32- Cory Lemonier- DE/OLB

and here are my Trades-

Trade 1- MIA gets- 1-4

PHI gets 1-12 and 2-11

Trade 2- TB gets- 2-4

PHI gets- 2-12, 4-14 and 6-13

Trade 3- HOU gets 2-11

PHI gets 2-25 and 3-27

Trade 4- SEA gets 2014 2nd rounder and 4-4

PHI gets 2-24

Trade 5- BAL gets 4-14 and 5-3 and 6-13

PHI gets 3-32

It was wonderful experience!! Thanks to everyone who participated with a special thanks once again to my trade partners Austin Blanch, Zach_Bodenner, CCNorseman, KON, and Malte. and of course a very special thanks to Arif Hasan for hosting both community drafts.

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