Lattimore: Pot-Luck Prospect

Marcus Lattimore, worth a pick? The thought of Lattimore crossed my mind after he went in the 3rd round of a MaddenPFL mock draft and with Chip having recruited him at Oregon you can’t discount Kelly using a possible 6th, 5th maybe even a 4th to bring him to Philadelphia.

Lattimore has already met with Philadelphia, all-be-it for a physical which is where the main issue of Marcus lies. As a running back he was seen to be a definite 1st round, top 10 pick and despite his injuries he is still kicking up a fair amount of interest from coaches across the league. Just how much of an issue are his injuries?

Everyone saw what happened when Peterson and Charles returned from ACL’s, they tore the NFL up, AP especially so as he quite literally carried a faltering Vikes offense to touchdown drive after touchdown drive [I personally benefited greatly from trading him for Rodgers in my fantasy league].

Watching AP make such an amazing comeback will not doubt have people intrigued when it comes to Lattimore, can he come back from his two knee injuries or are they just a liability? Lattimore has been running practice drills and has impressed, but until he’s running proper football drills, given a ball and playing against some defence we will know little about the true impact his injuries have had on him.

So what has he done to his knees exactly? He tore the ACL of his left knee in 2011, he rehabbed and came back as strong as ever until a fateful game against the Vols where this time his right knee took the brunt of a Vols DL and LB, tearing three, yes three ligaments in his knee, his ACL, MCL and LCL. The injury was so horrific that Gamecock’s and Vols’ players alike had to look away as Lattimore’s knee-cap sat unnaturally in the middle of his leg.

He rehabbed once and came back and he’s doing it again although this second injury is far more serious, what’s worrying is that whatever way you look at it his knees are weakened just as AP’s knee’s are weaker from his injury it’s simply a question of how much his legs can cope with, how much of a workload. You could forgive having issues with a single knee, but both of them, that for me is simply to much of a risk no matter how much Chip likes the guy.

Not forgetting that no matter what way you look at it AP’s story was somewhat of a fluke and as the doctors said his knee was clean, a clean tear and the chance of recovery was always higher than most.

"There is no doubt that the AP story creates more confidence in Lattimore’s situation," an NFL scout told ESPN. "It is such an inspiring thing to watch, just like Peterson. But what I have to remind my people on draft day is that the Peterson story is special because it’s one in a million. Until Marcus is running real football drills, there’s no way of knowing if he’s going to be two in a million."

"I am proud of what we did with Adrian, but I’ve also never seen a knee that clean before we’d even touched it. It looked like a newborn’s knee, not someone who had been playing football his whole life."

The question is simple, will Chip take the risk? A full recovery and you’ve got a 1st round talent backing up LeSean. Then again he’s one mis-timed cut, low-tackle or mis-planted foot away from a career ender. We have two 7th rounders, perhaps take a punt on him, but this is why I’m sat here and Chip is getting paid millions, he’s got to measure up the risk and reward of Lattimore. In all honesty though whatever way you look at it, Lattimore is nothing more than a pot-luck prospect, he could be a HOF’er but he could so easily never play a single NFL down in his life.


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