A Look At The Eagles Success Drafting WR's

During Reid's tenure, the Eagles have not been proficient in drafting wide receivers. Until recently hitting on Jackson and Maclin, the Eagles have been quite inept. Save for Avant, the drafts prior to DeSean Jackson produced a few decent receivers (Gibson, and to a lesser extent Cooper), and many bad ones. Reggie Brown had a couple of serviceable seasons here between 2005 - 2007, but instead of taking it to the next level he just regressed and was out of the league after 2009. Prior to Brown, the Reid drafts netted Billy McMullen, Freddie Milons, Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, Gari Scott, Na Brown and Troy Smith. Except for one miraculous catch by FredEx and one mediocre (2002) season from Pinkston, none of those players ever panned out.

But what about before the Reid era? When was the last time we actually hit on a WR? When have we last drafted a WR who made the pro bowl as an Eagle? No disrespect to Eagles greats Quick and Carmichael, I decided to only go back 15 years prior to the Reid era. Also, I did not include UDFA's.

Kenny Jackson - 1st round, 4th pick. A highly touted prospect out of Penn St, he never lived up to being the 4th pick overall. In 7 seasons with the Eagles, had 122 rec for 2139 yds and 11 td.

No WR's taken.

Corn Redick - 7th round 169th pick. No stats for Eagles, 1 catch in career.


above: The legendary Corn Redick (87)

No WR's taken. (We did get a WR who turned out to have a somewhat decent career in Cris Carter for a 4th in the supplemental draft, but released him after 3 seasons and before he became a star player)

Todd White - 7th round 176th pick. No stats in NFL.

No WR's taken.

Mike Bellamy - 2nd round 50th pick. This was a good year for Eagles WR's, but it was not Bellamy, but the 2 following picks that were hits.

Fred Barnett - 3rd round 77th pick. Barnett had 6 solid seasons with the Eagles and made the pro bowl in 1992. He tallied two 1,000 yard seasons and just missed in 1991 with 948 yards.

Who can forget this play?

Calvin Williams - 5th round 133rd pick. Williams also had 6 productive seasons, starting alongside Barnett. His best season was '93 where he went 60 for 725 with 10 tds.

No WR's taken.

Jeff Sydner - 6th round 160th pick. Synder played 3 seasons in Philly strictly as a returner.

Victor Bailey - 2nd round 50th pick. Started 10 games as a rookie and went 41 for 545, but only had 20 catches the following season and was let go.

No WR's taken.

Chris T. Jones - 3rd round 78th pick. Best pick since Barnett. A big, strong WR in the Irvin mold, the 6'3" 210 Jones barely played his rookie year, but exploded for 70, 859 and 5 tds his sophomore season. Unfortunately, he wrecked his knee the following preseason and his career was over. I remember how bad this stung at the time. Going into '97, we were coming off of back to back 10-6 seasons, and Jones had all the makings of a stud WR.

Phillip Riley - 6th round 199th pick. Active for 1 game in his career with the Jets, no NFL stats.

Antwuan Wyatt - 6th round 190th pick. Drafted out of football factory Bethune-Cookman, Wyatt played 1 season in Philly as a backup returner.

No WR's taken.

So, 15 years and only 1 pro bowl season (Barnett) out of a drafted WR. Jones looked to be well on his way to a great career, but the Vet turf claimed him. Carter obviously went on to a HoF career, but his best days came well after we released him. It is also notable that over the years we have not put emphasis on WR's in the draft. In the 15 years prior to Reid, Kenny Jackson was the lone 1st rounder, Bellamy and Bailey were the only 2nd rounders, and we did not select a WR at all in 6 of the 15 drafts (not counting supplemental pick in '87).

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