What I would do PART 1

Exciting days for BG cult followers- free agency about to pop, lots of draft data to anal lyze. This is what I would do if i were Howie. And I'm not.

My Number one target in free agency is OT Sebastian Vollmar 6'8 320. This makes our OL rock solid and gives us a tackle reminiscent of Jon Runyan. With Peters/Vollmar we have super bowl OTs, any thing less (Winston? are you kidding- he got fired and Andy knows his linemen) is off the mark.Those who would like to draft a OT should remember that its difficult for a rookie OT to make a mark- the NFL is a collection of the best of the best players and EXPERIENCE counts.

There is an intriguing possibility with the NY Jets and Marty Mornhinweg. Vick is not our guy. I would draft QB Mark Scott in the 3rd round and go with Foles, Dixon, Scott. Try this trade: Our 1st, Vick, Jason Avant and Asomugha for the NY Jets number 1 (position 9) and their 2nd. With the Jets Number 1 I would draft Jonathan Cooper OG. What!!! Cooper, not Chance Wormack is my prefered stud blocker.

I would move Cooper to center. Kelce is a nice finesse center especially blocking downfield. But in a league of 3-4s, the guy in the middle is all meat, and Kelce is not big enough to push these guys around. Cooper is. I like our main man's strategy to run run run, and kick the pace up several notches. This means depth on the O Line, rotating fresh players in. Each player on our oline should not be expected to play 100% of the snaps.

The biggest holes in the green team are in the secondary. My free agency targets are Keenan Lewis CB and Lon Landry, safety. With our first pick in the second round I would go for Jonathan Cyprien, safety.

I would also resign D Rodgers Cromartie. He has all the talent that you need in an All pro cornerback- he needs to be driven to greatness. Check his record out for last season- there were two distinct performance levels. At the beginning of the season he was all pro, at the end he was all shmo.

A secondary of Lewis, DRC, Landry, Cyprien is at least a 50% improvement over last year.

Two additional free agents: I would go after Jared Cook, not as a TE but as a split receiver. He would create hellish match-ups and is a much better choice than Avant, or Riley Cooper. I would draft Kelce the TE from Cincy. He is an animal which is what TEs should be.

And I would go for Roland McClain, our CIT. Awesome talent

(to be continue after what Howie does do in our 1st days of free agency)

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