The Linc - Eagles will need to spend in free agency


Eagles Free Agency Preview: Salary Floor Could Prompt Spending
2013 marks the return of the salary cap floor, which had been abolished since pre-lockout rules took effect in ‘10. The floor will be roughly 89% of the $123 million limit for this season, so about $109 million. Current projections have Philadelphia around $90, and Asomugha’s release would reduce that total below $80 – all the more reason the team may opt to renegotiate. Eagles Insiders : Putting the stopwatch on Michael Vick's and Nick Foles' release times in 2012
Michael Vick and Nick Foles dropped back to pass, by my count, 740 times last season. Over the last few days, I've watched all 740 of them, and timed every dropback from snap to release, snap to sack, or snap to scramble that reached the line of scrimmage. The overall results:

2013 free-agency preview: Philadelphia Eagles -
The Eagles haven't had a quality safety since Brian Dawkins left four years ago, and while this draft is loaded at the position I might start there when looking for veteran help. There is quality up and down the line, with someone young like a Chris Clemons of Miami or William Moore of Atlanta available. Of course, so is San Francisco's Dashon Goldson, but reports have him seeking $8 million a year. Plus, he turns 29 in May. They could look for cornerback help here, too, with guys like Shaun Smith, Cary Williams or Greg Toler expected to hit the market.

As Eagles have learned, free agency not a quick fix | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
When Nnamdi Asomugha is finally released, presumably in the next few days, it will officially mark the final sad whimper of what Vince Young once deemed The Dream Team.

Iggles Blitz » Blog Archive » Understanding Dion Jordan To The Eagles
If you strictly think of Jordan as a pass rusher, then drafting him doesn’t make as much sense. You’ve already got Cole, Graham, and Curry in place. You have to think of Jordan as a chess piece that can be moved around. You also have to think that the front seven needs guys like him to chase down RGIII for the next decade, not to mention Wilson, Kaepernick, and the other mobile QBs of the NFC.

Shawne Merriman announces retirement
Shawne Merriman announced his retirement after eight seasons in the NFL. The pass rusher, famous for his "lights out" sack dance, posted on his website Tuesday has decided to retire now to be able to leave the game on "my own terms."

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