2013 NFL Draft: Bleeding Green Nation's "Pound the Table!"

Chris Trotman

Every NFL fan whose football fandom is worth its weight in salt, has dreamed of being in an NFL War Room during the annual selection process. Fans hear all the time about scouts, coaches and executives saying that they had "pound the table" in order to get their guy with a draft pick. Now it is your turn...to pretend.

If you have been a member of BGN for more than a year, you are well aware of the BGN "Community Mock Draft" that the site runs, where members pick a team in the first round (prior years was first two rounds) and make their pick for them. Now, we are starting a new BGN tradition to somewhat compliment that feature called "Pound the Table." This segment is meant to mock the NFL Draft War Rooms. We all have heard about scouts, executives and coaches "pounding the table" for their guys in the draft, so now it is your turn...to pretend. Below are a list of ten players that Dan Klausner and I have deemed "reasonable" for the Eagles with the 4th overall pick (Disclaimer: This does not mean we like these players or we view them as a top guys, it just implies their can be an argument made). That is where you come in. We want you guys to make a case to the BGN community, to convince them that "your guy" is the right guy.

As you can see the assign dates will have the posts dated on Tuesday and Thursday. In order to make sure they get up on time, make to email me by midnight the night prior to the post (so 12 a.m. on Monday night for Tuesdays). There are also some ground rules as well:

  • Try to keep explanations to under 400 words. I know you are passionate about your guy, because he is YOUR GUY, but in order to really zone-in on why we should want the player, be short and sweet.
  • You can be funny, but let's keep the humor to a minimum (remember you're in the War Room).
  • Back up your points with facts and sources to prove your point (Todd McShay quotes do not count as facts in any realm).

So here is the deal. We are likely going to have more than one member want to grab a guy like Dion Jordan or Luke Joeckel, so we are going to have an mini-audition in the comment section. In four sentences, tell us why one of the ten players is YOUR GUY. Dan and I will read through them and determine player reps that we will post on Thursday and assign the guys. Since we are six weeks away, we will also have three "Trade Out" editions of "Pound the Table" which will be chosen out of the runner-ups for the players who have been assigned. Those segments will involve coming up with the right trade partner and compensation gained from trading down. The three trade posts will be on 4/19, 4/21, and 4/26.

Name School Position Date
Star Lotulelei Utah DT 3/12
Dion Jordan Oregon OLB 3/14
Dee Milliner Alabama CB 3/19
Luke Joeckel Texas A&M OT 3/21
Eric Fisher Central Michigan OT 3/26
Sharrif Floyd Florida DT 3/28
Sheldon Richardson Missouri DT 4/5
Geno Smith West Virginia QB 4/7
Ezekiel Ansah BYU DE/OLB 4/12
Jarvis Jones Georgia OLB 4/14

Good luck.

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