Mock Draft

These are simply my thoughts for this year's upcoming draft and I wanted to know what others thought of it. We all have our opinions, I just wanted to share my own.

Round 1 Pick 4

Dee Milliner CB Alabama

The Eagles don't have a true number 1 corner, and Dee Milliner would fill that void. He has pro-bowl potential and our secondary definitely needs to be revamped after last year's disappointing season. At 6'1" 200lb, this big, physical corner could help our secondary regain that "shutdown" mentality.

Round 2 Pick 3

EJ Manuel QB FSU

I believe EJ is our quarterback for the future. He has a lot up raw talent and the most upside out of the quarterbacks in this draft in my opinion. The Eagles should trade away Foles sometime this season and EJ will sit a year behind Vick (Unless Vick has another below-average season, then I would put EJ into the starting position.) This kid has expressed many times how badly he wishes to play for Philadelphia, and it would be hard for Chip to pass up on Manuel at this pick.

Round 3 Pick 5

Phillip Thomas S Fresno State

This guy is a true beast and is flying way below the radar so far. He led the NCAA in interceptions this past year, and really reminds me of an Earl Thomas type safety (Maybe because of his name and hair!). I like Patrick Chung, but as a backup. I would much rather see Phillip Thomas have the starting role with Kenny Phillips. That would be a dominant secondary, along with Milliner, Williams, and Fletcher as our corners.

Round 4 Pick 4

Barrett Jones OL Alabama

It gets hard to predict picks this late in the draft, but I would have to go with a Barrett Jones for our fourth round selection. I've seen other mock drafts with Jones going in the second! If we could get a steal here that could really boost our oline considering Barrett can play multiple positions up front.

Round 5 Pick 3

Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU/ Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati/ Nick Kasa TE Colorado

If Tyrann Mathieu is still here I would snatch him up. (I doubt he will be, though, I see him as a 3rd-4th rounder). In that case, I can see the Eagles drafting either Travis Kelce or Nick Kasa. I like Kelce more, and his brother Jason is on the team, but I've read reports that the Eagles are highly interested in Kasa. Either player, however, could be instrumental to Chip's offense. I think Brent Celek's time in Philly is coming to an end, and both of these tight ends could fill that position. I can also see the Eagles' newly acquired FB/TE James Casey being used with either Kelce/Kasa to provide a unique offensive game.

Round 6 Pick 28


I couldn't tell you I know of any names going this late in the draft, so I believe it would be best to just grab the best player available, unless Chip knows of a hidden gem then in that case I leave it all up to him.

Round 7 Pick 4

Brad Wing P LSU

I know we just signed Donnie Jones, but it was only to a one-year deal and he's getting old. It would be nice to start fresh with a solid punter who could develop into a top punter in the years to come.

Round 7 Pick 6


Once again, just draft the best player available. Hopefully he turns out to be like a Bryce Brown for us.

All in all, these are just my thoughts on this year's draft. I truly believe Chip Kelly knows what's best for the team and I will support whoever he decides should be on the Eagles' roster. In Chip We Trust. Thanks for the read! Feel free to tell me what you thought! FLY EAGLES FLY!

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