The Perfect Mock Draft

This is going to be what I believe to be the perfect mock draft for the Eagles. I think that all of my picks make the overall team better and adds a great amount of depth and competition at every position. So here we go.

Round 1 (Option 1)
This is the only pick that I see can go 2 ways, and either way works....
Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
Dee is an absolute stud corner, there is no way around it he has all the tools to be a probowler for years to come. He has the size 6ft 200lbs, he has the speed 4.37 40, and he has the physicality. He can be what this defense has desperately needed. We sured up the front 7 and with Milliner and Williams on outside and Boykins and Fletcher splitting time in the slot we could have a very dangrous and deep secondary.

Round 1 (Option 2)
Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
You can never go wrong with the addition of top tier offensive line help. Games are won in the trenches and Fisher would be a great addition. We still dont know how our line wll look thi year with 3/5 of it coming back from injury. So if we get Fisher he can start at RT slide Herrmans to guard and we can potentially have one of the best lines in the league. Also Fisher can take over at LT in a few years when Peters if finally out of commision.

Round 2
EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State
He can be our quarterback of the future. There is no doubt that the Eagles are very interested in him and he has come out and said that he would love to play with the Eagles and play for Chip Kelly. Chip and EJ have a history together EJ was going to commit to Oregon but wanted to stay on the east coast to stay near his family. He has incredible size for a QB 6'5'' 237 lbs and huge 10 3/8'' hands (something that Chip looks at in QBs). He has an absolute cannon for an arm which can be great for deep bombs to Desean or Maclin streaking down the field, and also has the athleticism to tuck and run which we believe will be very pivotal in the offense that Kelly is going to use.

Round 3
Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State
Another great addition to our struggling secondary. I believe he can be a started from day 1. He has good size at 6' 208lbs and solid speed 4.65 a good vert 35''. I am going to use NFL.coms analysis on him because it is everything that we need in a defender. Athletic, physical defender. Strong tackler with good length and the attitude to throw down ballcarrier. Breaks down well when approaching ballcarriers in space, has quick feet and agility to make the stop. Quick enough to stay with tight ends and some receivers in coverage, can undercut to knock away or pick off late throws. Nice ball skills to extend away from his frame to make the moderate-to-difficult interception. Sticks his nose in against the run when making that read, fills a hole, flows through traffic to find the ball, or adds himself into piles with reckless abandon. Comes downhill from two-deep look with speed. Adept blitzer off the edge, makes ballcarrier pay in thebackfield if not accounted for. Last year he also lead the nation in INTs with 8 and returned 3 of them for TDs.

Round 4
Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama
I have absolutely no idea why, but in every mock draft I see they have Barrett Jones falling much much deeper than I would have expected. He could really go anywhere from the 2nd to the 5th, but I really dont see him getting past the 4th. So I think he could be an amazing addition to our team. His versatility makes him incredibly valuable, he can play anywehre on the line but his is best suited for the interior. He makes for great depth and could step in whenever somone gets hurt or in a few years completely replace them. It also doesnt hurt that our new OL coach is his former OL coach at Roll Tide University.

Round 5
Kwame Geathers, NT, Georgia
Younger brother of the newest Eagle Clifton Geathers. Just like the rest of his NFL pedigree family he is one big boy 6'5'' 342lbs and monsterous 35 1/4' arms. Kwame could be our anchor in the middle for years to come. He is going to need some time to deveolp, which is perfect considering we have Issac Sopoagoa who is an incredible mentor from what Ive read. If he develops properly he could turn into an absolute monster in the middle.

Round 6
Im guessing that we will package some of our 4 7th round picks to move up and get a 6th rounder...
Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina
Like both Geathers, this kid is HUGE. Chip has obviously come out and stated that he likes big long athletes. You cant get much bigger or longer than Taylor. He measured out to be 6'7'' 275lbs with crazy 36'' long arms. Like I said you cant get much bigger than him. Also like Geathers he is going to need some time to develop. Scouts believe he can get up to 300lbs without sacrificing any of his athleticism. I could see him being out 5technique DE to make a future monsterous front of Cox/Geathers/Taylor. Another great attribute to Taylor is that he is great playing the passing lanes. He uses his athleticism and monsterous wingspan to knock down tons of throws ala JJ Watt.

Round 7
Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M
Yeah yeah I know hes most likely going to be long gone by now especially after showing off his athleticism by running a 4.34 40 and 37'' vert at the combine. But to be honest I have no idea who will be around in the 7th round. But if he did seem to fall for some unknown reason he would be an absolute STEAL. He could be a very productive reciever and give Jason Avant a real run for the slot. For the record I think he will actually be drafted anywhere from the 3rd to 5th round.

One other thought I had while putting this together was reguarding my 3rd round selection. Dont get me wrong I would asolutely LOVE to draft Phillip Thomas I think he can develop into a stud safety kind of in the mold of Earl Thomas. But if Chip Kelly is sold on the safetys that we currently have I would seriously look into drafting either Ryan Swope who I had going in the 7th because I didnt think of any other substantial 7th rounders to take. Or another reciever who will really turn into a great player is Robert Woods, WR, Southern California. He is another guy like Swope who isnt going to be a superstar but can be a very productive player in the NFL.

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