My Mock 3.0(At least 5 picks BGN should agree with)

Eagles Mock draft

Eagles trade:


Cardinals trade:



2014 Future 2nd round pick

Should Geno Smith fall to #4, and the Cardinals

express interest, getting a second rounder and

a future 2nd round pick along with a first

rounder would be great value.

#7-Lane Johnson OT, Oklahoma

To many, Johnson is one of the more talented

tackles to declare for the draft. Standing at

6'7,300 pounds. He had great timing on the

20-yard shuffle and the 40-yard dash.

According to most scouting reports, Johnson

is the type of Olineman for Kelly's projected

offensive scheme.

#35-E.J Manuel QB-FSU

We've seen Manuel's stock rise after the combine

and a strong performance in the senior bowl.

Including mutual interest by seemingly both

Manuel and the Eagles.

We've seen with the 49ers and the Seahawks where

the game is going: Two dimensional QB's that can

extend plays, much like McNabb did for us for


Manuel's by all extensions raw, raw in the pocket.

Raw with his throwing, raw with his accuracy.

But his talent is undeniable, and guys who *want*

to be here, is a stark contrast to previous


#38-Cornellius Carradine DE-FSU

Carradine is a End that could develop into a

3-4 OLB given time, with his size and first step

he does a good job closing out running lanes and

he has good explosion.

#67-T.J McDonald FS-USC

In adding Chung and Williams, we really hit

our secondary but there's the need for one

to two more impact players there. Running a

4.5 40-yarder with a 4.2 20-yard shuffle,

McDonald has been gifted with athleticism,

as well as an NFL bloodline which makes him a

real ntelligent player.

Good in man coverage, good against the run. There's

nothing really bad you can say about him. Which makes

him good for us.

#98-Alvin Bailey T/G-Arkansas

I know there are some fans who feel like the

combine is overrated. That we would end up

falling for the fluff rather than substance.

But Bailey's had a pretty good career, the

Arkansas line in general allowing them to

have a solid rushing attack.

Bailey's athleticism, versatility and consistency

make him a pick I think BGN will agree with.

#132-Chris Harper WR-Kansas State

Chip Kelly wants WR's that can block, this guy

can block. With his long arms and huge hands,

Harper can be a weapon for red zone offensive


#188-Montori Hughes DT-Tennessee-Martin

Hughes is a physical BEAST at 6-4, 329 and

33.6 Arm. BGN, here's your future Nose Tackle.

Character issues make him a likely late round

pick but I think we can mold him into shape.

#196-Brandon McGee CB-Miami

I like this kid, though he's on the short side

at 5'11, he doesn't make many game changing

plays but he does have a nose for the ball

and makes tackles(54 last year).

#198-DC Jefferson TE-Rutgers

At 6-6, 255 with a 34 arm and a 10 hand,

Jefferson needs to improve as a blocker but

he has the natural athletic mold to become

such a player. With Celek and Casey, we don't

need to address TE as early as round 3. Despite

how sexy getting Travis would be.

#216-Marcus Lattimore RB-South Carolina

Extremely talented kid, one that figures to

be out for mini camps, OTA's and probably most

of training camp. Perhaps even for a portion

of the year.

That's why he's projected at the very worst to

be a 7th rounder despite his talents. If he's here,

a future investment isn't all that bad.

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