Eagles Mock Draft: A reasonable mock, by an unreasonable man...

My mock draft. I didn;t do any "I wish" (Foles/Vick) trades for picks, try to stay fairly realistic although the draft is quite unpredictable especially in the later rounds. Mostly a need based draft, as it's impossible to predict who will be the BPA once you get into the 2nd round. I usually don't do mocks, or share them but I've mulled over this for two weeks and tried to put though into it. Oh and there are charts and whatnot, so check it out:

Team Needs: OT, DL, DB

Rd. 1 (4) - Eric FIsher OT - I've mulled over this pick for sometime, while I am of the school that it would be more beneficial to trade back, I'm going to stick with the picks. If I expected Joeckel to be available he'd be the pick, Fisher is quite the consolation prize. While he didn't go up against the same elite level of competition as Luke, he has all of the comparable skill and the measurable's that Joeckel has, with less experience. The Eagles are in dire need of improvement on their O-line and Fisher as we all have said before allows Herremans to move inside to guard, moving the fireman into a backup role. Plus we all know Chip likes size, and Fisher has plenty of it at 6'7"/306. [Alt. pick: Luke Joeckel OT]

Rd. 2 (35) - Margus Hunt DE - At the moment, most of you prefer Carradine as the DE pick. I have come around to Margus as the 2nd round pick, once considering his size and potential. What sways me away from Tank is his recent ACL injury and for him to be such a high pick it gives pause. With that said, were the FSU prospect to be the selection, I'd be excited. As for Hunt, his mix of speed, size and athleticism is hard to pass on, even though he only recorded 8 sacks last season, he added a pick, two forced fumbles and three blocked kicks, to give him a total of 17 blocked kicks for his career, 3 shy of the NCAA record. He does have issues, as he is not refined and his size can allow him to be out of position at times whether it be getting off the snap or simply not being able to change direction swiftly enough. As well as being 25 years old, yet that size, that 4.6 time and his penchant for getting his hands on the ball is intriguing. [Alt. pick: Tank Carradine DE]

Rd. 3 (67) - Jordan Poyer CB - Poyer did not blaze the Combine, but the kid has knack for the ball, recording 7 picks in 2012. Most of us seem to have him on our boards, he is an average run defender and a solid pass defender. Although Williams and Fletcher were added in free agency, it is reasonable that another cornerback would be drafted as neither of the FA acquisitions are long-term solutions. Poyer also is an experienced return man, Boykin showed flashes in the return game during the 2012 preseason, but when the real games came around he was no where to be found. Poyer could be a upgrade to a special teams group that needs improvement. Jordan may be available in the 3rd and the Eagles should take him. [Alt. pick: Bacarri Rambo S]

This is a chart illustrating Poyer's "coverage ability" and how many times he misses tackles after catches (leading the list is the physical corner Tharold Simon, a guy I like but he is a likely safety convert project):

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rd. 4 (101) - Kwame Geathers NT - Oddly, or randomly enough Kwame Geathers makes me most excited and that's unsettling in ways because there is that other Kwame in Philly that makes me the absolute opposite of excited. Once again, what I like about Geathers is his size, he is a mammoth of a man at 6'5"/340 and he isn't fat guy, he's strong and agile. While he played behind Jon Jenkins, a fellow who is likely a 1st round pick, Geathers showed flashes and skill. Geathers could benefit from a year or two of tutelage under Soap as we transition our defense. Geathers in the 4th round is a value pick as he could have easily stayed in school and come out next year as mid-first to mid-second round prospect. [Alt. pick: Montori Hughes NT]

Rd. 5 (136) - Joeseph Fauria TE - Honestly, if I had my pick I'd take Travis Kelce but by the 5th Round, Kelce will have been gone 3 rounds ago. Once again, a fair consolation prize because Fauria is a touchdown man-chine, and I say man-chine (mansion, get it? better get it) because he is built like a house or in this case a mansion, man-chine. Ok, forget it. Anyway, at a whopping 6'7"/260 Joeseph caught 20 touchdowns over his career as a Bruin.And with the TE becoming the en vogue offensive threat position, having a redzone monster like Fauria could be essentially to the Eagles future running Kelly's system successfully. Fauria has the best catch percentage rate amongst all draft eligible TEs (75.5%) and third best catch % when targeted on 3rd & 4th downs. Where he struggles is blocking as his teams success rate is a notch lower than average when he is in on the snap. Fauria also is not a very good route runner, but his size and ability to get 6 is enough to grab him with the 136 pick. His uncle was a pro, and I can't stand him on First Take. [Alt. pick: Jake Stoneburner TE]

Here's a fun chart that makes Fauria look like a 5th round steal:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rd. 7 (210) - Image and video hosting by TinyPic Washaun Ealey RB - Thus begins our 7th rounders, with this pick I'd really prefer to grab Denard Robinson because he is a multi-faceted weapon Chip may really like but I simply don't expect him to last til the 7th. So unless we trade back into the 5th or 6th, my 1st pick of the 7th round would be Washaun Ealey. Ealey is a red flag pick with a checkered past, left UGA after multiple suspensions, then multiple arrest during his time with Jacksonville State. But when it comes to football he produces, 3375 YDs & 32 TDs during his 4 year collegiate career while splitting time with UGA & Jacksonville State. He developed himself in the passing game with JS, as well. He is a nice sized back at 5'11"/215 lbs and sub 4.5 speed. Washaun has a lot of upside & could be a great addition to Chip's scheme as a third back, and a value pick in the 7th round. [Alt. pick: Onterio McCalebb RB]

Rd. 7 (212) - Image and video hosting by TinyPic Quanterus Smith DE/LB - Another red flag pick, except this time it's the good kind of red flag, if there is such a thing. Smith suffered an ACL tear that has put his draft position in limbo. It could be farfetched to think Quan Smith could last until the 7th but with his recent injury history and simply being too small to be an effective DE, it's possible. And I'm holding on to hope, I'd hate to see him lose money but I'd love him in the 7th, shoot I'd take him in the 5th if we had an extra pick. Before his ACL tear Smith record 12.5 sacks, 18.5 tackles for loss, 3 forced fumbles and returned a fumble for a score all in TEN games; so you see how it could be farfetched. But this round is a crapshoot so you never know. If the Eagles could land him, he'd be a candidate for conversion to OLB he has nice speed (hopefully retained after he heals) and his size at 6'5" is daunting for a LB much like Dion Jordan at 6'6". [Alt. pick: Michael Mauti LB]

Rd. 7 (218) - James Wilson OG - Possesses natural size for a guard but had a average season for the Gators in 2012. Could be a great depth guy and battle Dennis Kelly for a spot. Already has some injury issues, so fairly reasonable for him to last until the 7th round. Not much to say, this is a need pick for me especially after what happened to the o-line last season, we need however many bodies as possible. [Alt. pick: Jeff Braun OT]

Rd. 7 (239) - Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ray Ray Armstrong S - The biggest red flag of the trio. Ray Ray has everything that could make him an impact safety; size, speed, strength and big play ability. He just lacks it between the ears, off the field, that is. On field he has shown flashes, but has been inconsistent, most likely because he found himself in trouble often and not fully focused on football. But dammit, if and that's a big IF... if he was sitting there at 239 or even 218, I'd take him. At 6'4"/227, that's an imposing man, a man of a man with 4.5/4.6 speed with an eye for the ball and the heart the lay the big hit. To me it's unlikely he last until 239, somebody will most likely take a flier on him in the 7th (or 6th) before we can. Oh, but if. Also, Telemaque his for "The U" teammate could be a good value pick up in the 7th as well, similar skill set just less size. [Alt. pick: Vaughn Telemaque S]

Biggest thing this draft does is add size. To hell with the tweener schemes, let's get some men out there on the field for once, no offense Trent Cole because you did the most with your size and talent.

Thanks for reading.

All charts from JPSTATS.

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