Mock Draft - 2.0 (Final)

Alright guys, I would like some feed back on this one. I had my first one a while ago but it was busted right away as I really expected Lewan to come out in this draft. But I am just going to go straight up on these draft picks for us (no trades) and a brief breakdown on why the Eagles need him/that position filled. However I still strongly believe that our Eagles will not be picking at #4 as they will trade back several spots if not more because their "guy" will still be there and be able to get a couple more picks along the way. I would almost feel pretty confident that we may see someone on the Eagles current roster be moved on or right before the draft in exchange for some picks. However these projections are just to hard to narrow down so again I am just going to stick with what we knew will happen one way or another. (by the way I am not a writer by any means, never claimed to be & just want to put out my thoughts)

First rd - Lane Johnson - Oklahoma - RT

Lane is big and athletic, at 6'6" - 303lbs, he ran a 4.72, 40 at the combine and is a RT. We can move people into better position and not have to flip from side-to-side as RT is more of a need then our LT position is right now. This would be a smart pick for me if we stay at #4.

Second rd - Jesse Williams - Alabama - DT

As most people can/will agree I am not sold on our DT and he is coming out of a 3-4 system which we can pretty much bank on happening here in Philly. I am sold on beefing up both lines from the get go of this draft. Williams is a tank in many ways - 6'4", 323lbs and will require double teams

Third rd - Darius Slay - Mississippi St. - CB

We need competition here also an I believe he could be a steal in the 3rd. He comes in at 6'0" just under 200lbs. 41 tackles last year, 5 INT's and ran a 4.36, 40. I like him as a 3rd round pick and could make a difference for us and will have some time to learn behind our FA signings without being thrown to the wolves.

Fourth rd - Alvin Bailey - Arkansas - OG

I like this guy to add depth on our OL and believe we will make a push in this draft to do so. Most of our other depts on offense are pretty solid except QB and we will not do anything with that until next year. So lets get everything else in place by the time we do draft our future there. Size - 6'5", 312lbs

Fifth rd - Robert Lester - Alabama - SS

Lester could be a great pick here (if still available) and would make a great push in our safety area. Coming in at 6'1" solid 200lbs so he has the size, ran only a 4.66, 40 though but plays much faster. Lester had 48 tackles and 4 picks this year. Wasn't much tackling needed in the secondary for Bama though. Hope he lands here.

Seventh rd (1st pick) -Jake Stoneburner - TE - Ohio State

Jake has good size and pretty good speed , registering in at 6'4" & 252lbs and ran a 4.65, 40. I like his ability but was not used as much as he could have been in the OSU offense. only had 16 catches for 269yds but accounted for 4 TD's in his limited catches. Could be a gem to wait behind Celek & James and push Harbor either into position or off the team.

Seventh rd (2nd pick) - Baker Steinkuhler - Nebraska - DE (3-4)

I mean it is late in the draft and we will eventually start looking for some replacements for guys like Hunt, Cole and some other people could be added I am sure depending on how their seasons play out. Just an idea of a tough guy who could have some upside late in the draft. taped in at 6'5" & 290 LBS. Again could be worth a shot very possible to be an UDFA but this late there are plenty that could.

Seventh rd - (3rd pick) (thankfor the reminder DLawrence55) - Brandon Hepburn - Florida A&M-ILB

(on the left of course)

Coming in at 6'3" 240lbs he could just add as a possible end up on the practice squad and work his way up. I am sure we will end up moving some LB's in and out of Philly sooner or later.

So what do you think? This is different from what most that has been out there but makes sense to me and what I would do. Thanks and hope you enjoy.

( Information on draftee's (weight,height 7 40 times) are from,,

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