The Linc - Greg Cosell dissects value in 3-4 vs 4-3 systems


Cosell’s Take: 3-4 and 4-3 concepts more about personnel than defensive fronts | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
The NFL draft is only six weeks away. It’s the time of year when we all discuss the top prospects, and how they best transition and project to the NFL. It’s particularly fascinating on the defensive side of the ball, where two seemingly competing philosophies, the 4-3 and the 3-4, often determine the value and utility of specific players.

Fans react to Eagles moving training camp from Lehigh to NovaCare Complex and Lincoln Financial Field
Fans have long spoken fondly of pilgrimages to Lehigh, but many are backing the Eagles' decision to hold training camp in Philadelphia.

Connor Barwin Addresses Drop In Production | Birds 24/7
"I played opposite of Mario Williams two years ago, and then he got hurt and I took over Mario’s spot and played the open side outside linebacker and had a lot of success there," he said. "Last year because of injuries we had at linebacker I bounced back and forth and played both positions and kind of had to move around. The sack numbers weren’t there but the pressures and the hits were all there and the tackles were more from the year before."

Westbrook, Primeau shed light at concussion symposium | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Only 33, Brian Westbrook already suffers from short-term memory loss. He can't remember names, recall facts or retain new material moments after he's told them. Westbrook can trace his health problems to at least a pair of concussions suffered during a shortened nine-year career.

Pro Day Review - March 15th | National Football Post
Now that the Combine is over, NFL personnel are in the thick of the Pro Day schedule traveling all over the country working out prospects. As there are so many Pro Days across the country, we cannot be everywhere at once, so we rely upon a network of NFL sources that we have built during our time working for the Rams and Browns. Below is a breakdown of what we have been told by different NFL sources at these workouts:

How about if we just organize all of new Eagles CB Cary Williams’ fights in one convenient place, shall we? – Blogging the bEast
Just a lot of fights

Donovan McNabb Will Host a Drive-Time Show on NBC Sports Radio
You can now add Donovan McNabb to your evening drive -- meaning incidents of road rage are about to go on the rise across the Delaware Valley. NBC will announce on Friday that McNabb will co-host his own drive-time radio show with former Steelers quarterback Mark Malone

Kevin Kolb released: Where will he end up next? - Revenge of the Birds
Even after the Cards, he may have a lot of options.

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