LeQuan's Eagles Mock 2.0(Post FA Version)

Eagles trade:

QB Nick Foles

Cardinals trade:

#38th Overall

#100th Overall

The Cardinals *might* feel hesitant about another

Eagles QB, but let's put it this way: Smith's not

falling, and neither Barkley nor Manuel nor

any other QB in this draft class is anywhere

even close to where Foles is as a prospect.

A second/fourth for Foles is fair value IMO.

I'm not a Geno fan, but what if Kelly is?

#4th Overall-Geno Smith, QB West Virginia

Again, I repeat, I'm not happy if we go this

route. Often passed alot in tight games,

lost in those tight games against better

compeition and played in a weak school.

Coming from an NBA Fan, we often downgraded

a prospect who played at a lesser school. I'm

going to do that here, what makes Geno

better than Barkley?

I know, the athleticism, the read option, etc.

He also has good YPC numbers(nearly 8).

And yes, it's still a team game but it doesn't

reflect well on a prospect if you can't win

big games.

Guess I'll trust the Brass on Smith.

#35th Overall: Jonathan Cyprien SS, FIU.

Addressing Strong Safety, Cyprien hits hard

and aggressive, a tall Safety at 6'1.

He can also play an extra LB type of role or

in two deep safety coverage.

#38th Overall(Via Cardinals):

Barrett Jones, OG, Alabama.

This might be too high to take Jones, but

I think he's the type that'll pan out. Being

a part of a championship team will instill that

kind of blue collar work ethic to allow a guy to


Also, his excellent decision making skills and

the ability to pick up blitzes is very nice.

That he can also play center is very encouraging.

#67th Overall:

Da'Rick Rogers, WR, Golden Eagles.

Boom or bust, the first risk the regime will

take in the draft is Da'Rick Rogers. Explosive

athlete, great blocker and good hands.

Issues surrounding his character, and the overall

average round makeup will drop him to the third

round. He could be a Freddie Mitchell type.

And any time you can get a mid-first WR in the

third round. You do it.

#98th Overall: Travis Kelce, TE, Bearcats

Standing at 6-5,255. A combination of long

arms, blocking ability and explosive open

field play, Travis lives up to the Kelce name

and we shall yet become the Philadelphia Bearcats.

#100th Overall(Via Cardinals):Chris Faulk, OT,LSU.

The second 'risk'of the day. Chris Faulk is a

talented LT with a medical history of his own:

Recovering from a Torn ACL. However, with

a bench press of 25, a combination of

size, athleticism and long hands makes

Faulk a second round talent that fell to the


#131 Overall: TJ McDonald, FS, USC.

A free safety with NFL ties, he ran a 4.5 40 and

a 4.2 shuttle. Very quick, athletic and aggressive

shedding blockers and making tackles. He'll add

more physicality to a renewed secondary.

#199th Overall: Patrick Longergan, C, LSU

Dude's bench pressed 25 and he once played an

entire game with an arm injury. Sold on his

mental toughness, which is half of the battle

in the National Football league. Standing at

6-3, 300 pounds with a combination of long

arms and strong hands. He's a nice solid body.

#201 Overall: Quinn Sharp P/K, OK ST.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a reserve, just

in case god forbid Henery were to go down? And

wouldn't it be a great investment to have the

punting version of Henery?

Why not have both? That's what Sharp would give to

the Eagles. Versatillity, even on special teams

is a plus.

#215th Overall: Jeff Baca OG, UCLA.

Another talented kid, great on his feet, verstile

and can play guard or tackle. Lack of speed though

but the word 'motor' appears again, he works hard

and he'd be a great addition.

#219th Overall:

Michael Buchanan, DE, Illinois.

6-5, 247 pound defensive end. He's a DE that

could be a DT(and as such, a hybrid player). That

versatility will allow him to be a part of

something here in Philadelphia.


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