A poorly thought out mock offseason (edited)

Free Agency

Laron Landry S/NYJ - Ive said it before and I will say it again, Kurt Coleman, no matter how much you hate him, played an important role in the modern NFL secondary, Head Shit Talker. Not only can Laron bark just as loud as Kurt he can bite. Laron certainly has his deficiencies in coverage but when put in the right system he is an animal. Talks of his injury history are overdone, one (non-ruptured) achilles injury and then 8 games missed the next year because of a bad med staff and mismanagement.

Personally, I'm tired of the "lets try and get 2 interchangeable safeties" strategy. You have a Brian Dawkins level talent that truly can play the run like a LBer and the pass like a center fielder then go for it. Truth is there aren't that many safeties at that level out there. We end up with safeties that are average at everything but don't excel at anything.

Sean Smith CB/Miami - Sean tall. Sean long. Sean not the quickest but Sean the best available.

James Casey TE/Houston - Versatility. Becomes a key part in a very interesting group of TEs.


4) Traded to San Diego - Eric Fisher

Teams not important. Picks we get in return are negotiable. The second pick we end up getting in this trade is by far my least favorite pick in the mock draft. Point is top of the draft is shitty. After Jordan gets scooped up by the Jags priority number 1 is moving back and just picking up another early pick to try and cover another hole. 4=1800. 11&45=1250+450=1700


11) Xavier Rhodes - CB/FSU (via SD)

Xavier tall. Xavier long. Xavier our future at CB or FS? Not really sure. He starts out at CB but going along with our trend of truer free and strong safeties Rhodes might eventually be moved to FS to pair with Landry.

35) Margus Hunt - DE/SMU

When I originally mapped out this trade was thinking about Elam but decided he didn't make a good match with Laron and I wanted Landry more so Elam was out. Who is the best coverage safety in this range?? Phillip Thomas?? Hes considered but Hunt is the pick and the defense is slowly starting to look more like a traditional 34 and less like a 43 under. (How would Hunt fit in a 43 under??)

45) Jesse Williams NT/Bama (via SD)

Nose tackle. 34 front with Hunt, Williams, Cox across the line is looking pretty nasty.

67) Barret Jones OL/Bama

Is Jason Kelce the real deal or just a flash in the pan?? Jones offers us the versatility to start at RG, replacing watkins, or slide over to center if Kelce struggles returning from injury.

4) Ryan Swope WR/TAM

Word is Eagles were interested in Amendola. If they liked Danny's skillset chances are they probably interested in player like Swopes as well. I love the 4 WR set with Desean, Maclin, Swopes, and Cooper.

5) Kenny Stills WR/Oklahoma

I love Maclin and hopes he gets extended at some point throughout the year but Stills is insurance just in case.

6) Levine Toilolo TE/Stanford

Its a little late but the redzone target is officially acquired. They still a need super raw mega athlete to complete the group of 4 TEs

7) Kenny Tate - SLB/UMD

Our extremely poor mans version of Dion Jordan. Kenny was, at one point, thought of as a super prospect. A 6'4" safety who could hit like a LBer. A position change or two later and Kenny doesnt even get a combine invite. Still a very interesting project.


Depth Chart

QB - Vick/Foles

HB - McCoy/Brown

TE - Celek, Casey, Toilolo

WR - Jackson, Maclin, Swope, Cooper, Stills

LT - Peters

LG - Mathis

C - Kelce

RG - Jones

RT - Herremans

CB - S Smith

CB - Xavier Rhodes

S - Laron Landry

S - Nate Allen

I think we still have problems at swing tackle, oline depth in general, could use additional help at LB, and QB (obviously) but Rome wasnt built in a day. Think we have a good base that would play slightly above 500 ball and battle for a wild card spot. Still one season away from true contending though.

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