My Ideal Eagles Offseason

Free Agency

Glover Quinn- extremely underrated safety. does not make any of the flashy highlight reel plays but is a very solid tackler and great in pass coverage. 4-6 million a year

Jared Cook- Has the potential to be an elite tight end. Great size at 6'5" 250lbs. We know Chip Kelly loves to use tight ends all over the field and cook has the athletic ability to play any role that Kelly wants him to. 3-4 million a year

Eric Winston- Was considered by many to be one of the best offensive tackles in the league when he left Green Bay. Had a rough year at Kansas City. Signed to a 1-2 year prove-it kind of deal. but i truly believe that he will regain his old form with coaching from Jeff Southland 2-3 million a year

DRC- I don't understand why recently people have been wanting to get rid of DRC. during the first couple of games when Juan Castillo was the DC, DRC played like the super talented corner back that we know he can be. Admittedly he did give up on the team after his firing, but i think he was not the only one who quit. The new DC was the coordinator for DRC when he was in probowl form. I think he will come back inspired and play lights out for the eagles. 6-7 million a year.

Danario Alexander- played lights out in the months November and December catching 37 passes for 657 yards and 7 tds. It also helps that he is 6'5". He is a RFA but the chargers put a tender that would not cost us any draft picks. Really don't know why more people haven't been mocking him to the eagles. Very cheap contract, not sure how much hes asking for.

Ricky Jean-Francois- honestly I don't know much about him but if the man can start on the 49ers defense there is definitely a place for him on this eagles D. I see him opposite of Fletcher Cox.


I want to change some things up from most of the draft that i have been seeing


4th overall pick traded to the Arizona Cardinals for there 7th overall pick and there third rounder (69th pick). The Cardinals accept this trade so that they can finally fix up there offensive line by drafting Eric Fisher. Also I think they will be targeting EJ Manuel in the 2nd round.

Nick Foles traded to the Houston Texans for there second round pick (57th) the Texans don't have that many glaring holes so they decide to pick up Matt Shaubs eventual backup.

1(7) Geno Smith, West Virginia- People say we should wait till next year to draft a quarterback but if Chip Kelly pans out as a head coach and we have a successful off-season it could be a while until we have a pick this high. Also i believe Geno smith would fit an option offense perfectly

2 (35) Matt Elam, Florida- Would be the perfect compliment to Glover Quin. Overall beast.

2 (57) David Amerson, NC State- Has good size at 6'1" 205lbs also ran a 4.44 at the combine. Has potential to start opposite of DRC

3 (67) Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern- My personal man crush of this draft. Built to play NT and will be next to elite talent (Cox and Jean-Francois).

3(69) Ryan Swope, Texas A&M- another speedy receiver to add to Chip Kellys arsenal. 4.34 40 time at the combine

4 (98)Jamie Collins, Southern Miss- depth is needed at the linebacker position

5- OL depth

6- OL depth


This is my first fan post but feel free to tell me what you think. Keep it classy Philly.

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