wild_eagle's Free Agency

As I sit here and watch the A-Team thinking about Free Agency starting on Tuesday I couldn't help but share some of my thoughts with you guys. I felt like this would likely be a good basis for a fanpost and I'm going to go through who I would like for the Eagles to snatch during Free Agency.

To begin, why don't we go over my perceived team needs?

Offensive Tackle- The Eagles honestly need a guy who can come in and possibly force Herremans back to OG, or at least provide depth that's capable of starting just in case Peters or Herremans aren't healthy.

Right Guard- Watkins isn't somebody you trust, and RG isn't someplace I want to leave without at least a solid player in the pipeline, a great OG would be awesome but if we at least bring in somebody who's capable to compete with Watkins that'd be awesome.

Center- I see Kelce's ACL tear as more of an issue than most, that's likely because I understand the position a bit more than other people. Kelce is a mobile C, he relies on his lateral agility and speed to be an effective blocker and with the ACL it'll take a toll on him at least early in the season... The Point? We need an insurance policy that's better than Reynolds.

Nose Tackle- With the switch to the Hybrid-D we have to acquire a starting caliber NT sometime this offseason, this will likely be the most important addition we can make this offseason.

5-Tech DE- Basically what I want is a 3-4 DE here, we don't have a sure fire starter but we do have a few guys like Thornton, Cole and Curry who might be able to play there and be effective. We need a starter if we don't think one of those 3 can get the job done.

SAM LB- Another position we have to fill. This guy will basically be a DE who drops back into coverage. Anybody who wants to know what we need here can refer to my 3-4 Defense post or just watch Ahmad Brooks of the 49ers play.

Cornerback- Basically at this point we need 2 starters, Nnamdi is probably gone and DRC wore thin on the Eagles it seems like so yeah, gotta find 2 of them this offseason.

Safety- I want to grab a true Strong Safety to pair with Nate Allen, however adding somebody to replace or start over Allen wouldn't be the end of the world.

Free Agency:

Andy Levitre, OG, Bills- Levitre is only 26 years old and is probably the best OG to come out in FA in years. I know we have Watkins in house but he's almost 30 and he's going into his 3rd season after 2 up and (mostly) down years. Levitre to me is the guy you don't pass up because you can build the entire OL around he and Kelce. The thing that sold me on Levitre is that he is athletic and a very good run blocker, Chip Kelly wants athletic lineman and he loves to run the ball.

Desmond Bryant, DE, OAK- Desmond is young (27 years old) and had a very underrated year last season, he provides that 5-tech DE we need here with the Hybrid-D. Bryant is underrated if you ask me, he does his job well, just not great and that (combine with his DUI) is what gives me the feeling that we can get him for cheap.

Connor Barwin, OLB, HOU- Barwin had a big year in 2011 with 11.2 sacks, however he followed that up with only 3 this season. I feel that this will allow us to give a fair market price for a guy who has a ton of talent and might be able to return to form in 2013. Barwin would likely fit in at that SAM LB position but you'd want to add somebody in the Draft to compete.

Greg Toler, CB, ARI- Toler is a decent CB and somebody who we could start and not worry about hurting us, he's solid but not much more. Toler is coming off injury and will likely be had for a cheap "prove-yourself" deal. Grabbing him would allow us to bring along a young CB slowly and cuts our needs in the secondary by 25%.

Derek Cox, CB, JAX- Cox is a young guy who is likely going to leave Jacksonville due to his inability to stay healthy (17 missed games over the last 3 years), however this is just the type of player the Eagles need to be targeting at this point and just focus on keeping him healthy. Young, injury prone and extremely talented players should be the targets right now.

Pat Chung, S, NE- Chung is a guy who showed a ton of promise a few years ago then seemed to fall out of favor this past year, but at 25 years old he's still got time to turn everything around and return to form. I want to see the Eagles go after this low risk-high reward option.

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