The Idea of Trading Back

I've been spending more time on this draft and studying players than I'd like to admit, and my wife hates me for it. The more I try and get a feel for prospects at #4 for the Eagles the more I hate this draft class. There is only 2 players in my opinion really worth the 4th overall pick this year, and the problem with that, is there is 3 people picking before us. Therefore, unless there is a player the Eagles truly covet and want more than any other and fall to them, I strongly believe we need to trade back.

Now I've been pondering this idea for awhile now, and if any of you read my mock drafts, almost all of them I have us moving back between 10-15 for an extra 2nd rounder or so. This would be ideal, but in light of what Tommy Lawlor proposed on Igglesblitz a few nights ago (First Domino Falls) it really got me thinking. What if SF is actually trying to trade up and make a big splash pick (they need DL). 15 picks is a ton of ammo to move into the top 10 and still have plenty of picks to fill out your depth chart.

In this situation, I feel like we would have to loose a little bit on the value chart, our pick is worth 1800 and we'd probably need to take about 1500 to make the trade. That's a huge hit in terms of value, but realistically, this draft doesn't have an RG3 or Julio Jones to break the bank for either. They would trade us the 31st, 34th, 61st and 93rd. These would be worth 1560, which if you look at the 2nd and 3rd round talent in the draft this year, is well worth it for the 4th round pick.

If this is how the trade played out this is what I'd HOPE our draft would look like.

1st - Matt Elam - S - Florida - 2nd best safety in the draft, but not by much. Decent ball hawking skills and the most physical DB in the draft. Vicious hitter and has a presence for the 1st down marker if you watch his games. I've seen him compared several times to Dawkins in a few Eagles blogger write ups.

2nd (from SF) - Desmond Trufant - CB - Washington - His stock got a nice bump from a great combine/senior bowl. I'd love to see him in an Eagles uniform. Physical hitter, not afraid of contact like certain CB's we recently have had.

2nd - DJ Fluker - OT/OG - Alabama - We need depth across the OL. I'm hoping Jason Peters returns and is at least 90% of what he used to be. Fluker can fight for the starting RG spot or the starting RT spot and move Toddfather back RG. He'll be returning to his former OL coach as well, so we'll know what he is capable of or how to use develop him best.

2nd (from SF) - Zach Ertz - TE - Stanford - Celek needs to be challenged and at the very least Clay needs to be upgraded. Zach is a tremendous all around tight end.

3rd -Sio Moore - SAM OLB - UConn - I've been a big fan of his since he took over starting duty 2 years ago. Play maker all over the field. His stock has steadily been rising since the shrine game, and performed well at the Senior Bowl as well. Could compete for our SAM position.

3rd (from SF)- Honeybadger - DB/ST - LSU - I've been saying he wont go earlier than the 4th round this whole time, but I think with our stockpile of picks acquired in the SF trade it may be worth it to guarantee we get him with a 3rd rounder. He is a flat out baller, I see him as a match-up nightmare for offenses in passing downs/special teams. Not a starter.

4th -Kwame Geathers - NT - Georgia - Walterfootball - "Geathers (6-6, 350) is a mountain of man who is difficult to move at the line of scrimmage. He would be a good fit to remain in a 3-4 defense as a nose tackle. For a 4-3, the Bulldog could be a nose tackle who occupies blockers and shuts down the inside ground game"

5th - Marquess Wilson - WR - Wash St - Was a consensus top 10 pick/top WR before the season started and all his bizarre off the field drama happened. I believe he can still perform at a high level and become a starter in this league. Destroys people in the red zone, big frame physical presence, and catches with his hands at the point of the ball not with his body.

6th - Micheal Mauti - ILB - Penn St - This could be the steal of the draft, Mauti will fall hard because of his torn ACL, but was a projected 2nd rounder before the injury.

7th - Joe Madsen - C - West Virginia - OL Depth is key this offseason

7th (from Colts) - Quinn Sharp - K/P - OSU - Has been a great punter for OSU and can fill in if Henery ever gets hurt. Love the versatility. Mat McBriar was absolutely terrible last year.

Mock draft aside, this is just to give you an idea of how much more we can benefit from trading back all the way to the 31st pick instead of moving back to the middle of the first. Huge difference between adding 1 extra pick and adding a few this year. The majority of the "Value" this year is in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and can really change a team around if they have enough ammo. Especially a team rebuilding and changing schemes like we are. What do you guys think? Stick with #4? Move back a couple and still grab a high value player, or drop back to SF.

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