Examining the Eagles' 2013 salary cap situation (AKA what can we afford in FA?)

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Hello everyone. I have seen quite a few recent threads discussing free agent acquisitions, player releases, contract extensions, trades and other monetary transactions. However, I have yet to see a comprehensive overview of the Eagles' salary cap situation. Allow me to contribute (figures borrowed from First, the general cap numbers:

Total current cap


Salary Cap






-Dead Money


Cap Room


Upon a cursory overview, the Eagles have negligible cap space that would be consumed via signing our draft picks. However, there are a few notable salaries that can be moved, cut or restructured. I am just providing figures at this point and am not endorsing any of these moves (except booting Bell like yesterday). Cutting…

Cutting and/or trading

Cap savings

Demetress Bell


Jason Peters


Cullen Jenkins

Mike Patterson

$4.0m (5.5m cap hit, 1.5 dead cap)

$4.0m (actually $4.065, but it is easier to truncate).

DeMeco Ryans


Nnamdi Asomugha

$11.3m (15.3m cap hit, 4.0m dead cap)

Michael Vick

$12.7m (16.9m cap hit, 7.2m dead cap but 3.0m offsets)


$59.05m (for illustration purposes only)

Aside from DRC, the Eagles do not have any free agents who are going to be receiving large paychecks this offseason. Probable resigns include Dorenbos, Landri, Tapp, Anderson and Jordan. IMO Dunlap is gone if we take an LT in the draft or FA.



This is where the fun starts. I am going to arbitrarily assign values and cuts just to give us a potential picture of what the free agent signing budget will look like. Feel free to completely disagree and/or use the above referenced numbers to create your own simulation in the comments section. Keep in mind, we have $6.4m available cap space before cuts.

Draft Picks = +$6.4m: Again, no clue if we trade up, down, etc…, but this is probably a fair estimate of what it would cost to sign the seven draft picks. Keep in mind that the later round guys may be cut before the season starts.

Resigns = +$10.0m: I don't see Dorenbos, Landri or Tapp receiving cap breaking contracts; DRC is interesting because he would have to get paid well. I would probably guesstimate that we pay him $42m/5yr with 24 guaranteed. First year cap hit of $6.5m sounds about right.?.?.? Anyway, I am going to slap a cap hit of $10.0m for the entire bunch and call it a day.

Cuts = -$37.6m: Nnamdi, Vick and Bell are gone. I don’t see a rebuilding team keeping any of those contracts. Vick is the only one with a chance to renegotiate, but I consider it unlikely. Alex Smith makes more sense to me. Ryans stays because we have no alternatives at ILB. Peters takes a pay cut unless he is in pristine condition by the start of OTAs. However, this would happen after FA, so let’s keep his salary on the books as is. Jenkins and/or Patterson may be gone, but I am not sure which one. There cap hits are similar, so lets just use $4.0m and call it a poster's choice roster move.


Projected FA spending allotment (aka cap space) = $27.6m. This money may alternatively be used to resign Maclin or saved for next year’s cap space. The Eagles do have a lot of needs, however, so hopefully our FO can make some free agency magic happen.

Now that we know the numbers, whose services would you like to purchase this off season???

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