Howie "SPLASH" Roseman. Where is his next big move coming from?

Fans seem to be split over how much faith they have in our young GM. It hasn't ALWAYS been the RIGHT move, but there has always been a BIG move, a coup, a surprise up Howie's sleeve, and Im curious to see what people's ideas of what the next big "splash" will be. Will it be a flashy free agent signing? Will he fleece some poor shmuck team in terms of a trade? If we know anything about Howie, is that he certainly is not afraid to swing for the fences. The coup of the coaching search...landing chip kelly, Trading up for Fletcher Cox, Trading for Dameco Ryan, the star studded free agent shopping spree pouncing on all the big names moments after the lockout was lifted. Not all of those moves proved to be the RIGHT moves...but by now, I think its safe to say that Howie has shown the ability to get what he wants. He identifies the apple of his eye, and then finds a way to get it done. In such a crucial pivitol moment of this franchise, how can we not expect some sort of splash coming up in terms of player aquisition? Just look at howie's track record. Its not very clear at this point how much money we will have to spend, but if anything, Howie is a cap guru, and since we have NEVER been strapped for cash, I think its safe to assume that we will have money to play with this offseason.

Really curious to hear what people think will be our Big splash this offseason. Looking at howie's history I think there is a good chance he goes out in FA and lands a BIG FISH. Its usually what the man does, and he does it while flying under the radar, not tipping his hand the slightest to other executives, fans or experts. What will be the big aquisition of this years FREE AGENT MARKET for the Eagles?

Will we land a veteran pro bowl caliber OT: Brandon Albert, Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Andre Smith? The guy I keep my eye on is Patriot RT,Sebastion Vollmer. History of injury might be a deterent, but this is a RT, with experience running the Patriots shotgun, change of pace hurry up. Fans disagree on the type of offense chip will implement in Philly, but I think we all seem to agree that it will be some sort of fast tempo offense. A probowl caliber OT, experienced in that system could be the way we go.

Deepending on the franchise Tag, could it be Bills young, secret weapon in the run game, OG Andy Levitre?

Could it be a reciever? I wouldnt think we would go out and spend Big Money on a wideout, until chip finds out what he can do with what we have, but because there might be some big names on this years market, I figured I would include them: Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker, Mike Wallace.

Could it be a PROVEN, 3-4 pass rusher: Paul Kruger, Anthony Spencer, Connor Barwin, Shaun Phillips? Some people think Micheal Bennet has the perfect long Body to get after the QB as 3-4 OLB.

Will we make a play at one of the talented veteran CBs? Brent Grimes, Aqib Talib, Sean Smith, Carry Williams?

Could it be our major need, SAFETY? There potentially could be some really good ones on the marketing, depending who gets tagged and who doesnt. The Big names, that we all know are: Jarius Byrd, William Moore, Dashon Goldson. IMO, the most likely to be tagged is Moore. The least likely to be tagged is Goldson(although now that the niners have unfinished business, he could be tagged as well).. Byrd is a curious case. ABSOLUTE STUD, but if one team has shown that they are capable of letting studs walk is the bills. My personal guess is that keeping the OG is a higher priority for them than keeping Byrd, but I could certainly be wrong..or they can finally get their ISH together as a franchise, MAN UP, break open the piggy bank, and not let either walk. If it were any other team, I wouldnt even list Byrd. But in my mind, EVERYONE is ALWAYS in play when it come to the bills, basically a breeder for the real franchises lol. Some experts seem to agree that its a possability since I keep seeing Vaccaro mocked to the Bills at #8 after letting Byrd walk in Free agency. In my oppinion 8 is high for Vaccaro, but my oppinion is starting to seem like the minority.

This pool of top players will probably decrease significantly by the time teams are done designating their Franchise Tags, so we will get a better idea of who our target might be in the next couple of weeks. But history suggest, that there is a future EAGLE in this group of players. Its the HOWIE WAY! Curious to see who everyone thinks the future Eagle is.

Of course, logic would suggest that we will turn over a high number of roster spots, so we will probably sign 5-10 free agents (mostly role players)..but Howie has always atleast made that 1 big aquisition, so for the sake of this post, I only looked at the pricey, Bigger names. there are plenty of average, to lessor named players that I would love to have: The DeAndre Levy's and Delanie Walkers of the NFL. But for now, who is the next BIG NAME on his way to Philly?

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