The Linc - Chip Kelly's job starts now

Rich Schultz

Now Chip Kelly and Eagles can really get to work
For Eagles fans, this was the most anticipated Super Bowl since that game in Jacksonville. Not because they cared who won, or because old buddy John Harbaugh was coaching against his big/little brother Jim, or because it meant the end of Ray Lewis. No, Eagles fans were looking forward to Sunday's game because of Monday. With the miserable 2012 season finally completed, they can officially get on with 2013. And that means getting answers to some pressing questions.

Four Players From 2012 Who Could Change Things | The Sideline View
If there is one word that can describe the NFL, it is "unoriginal". At least, that's the case as it pertains to the way teams are looking to copy the success of others. If something works, then it must be copied. If something fails, then it should die an instant death. Here are players and concepts from the 2012-2013 season that could have an impact on the way teams approach next season.

Who stays, who goes? The Eagles' defense | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Time for house cleaning, fellas. While the offense has some superstar talent worth keeping, the defense needs an overhaul. Forget their Pro Bowls, their paychecks, their experience. If they didn’t give it all for a respected veteran coach like Andy Reid, they’re not going to perform for a transplant college coach without any NFL experience.

Jason Kelce Appreciates Classy Gesture From Ed Reed - Birds 24/7
Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce appreciates the classy gesture from Ed Reed after the veteran safety ended his season.

The Eagles' Super Bowl champion notches
Are you ready for just one more Andy Reid/Eagles stat ... Well, we'll give it to you anyway ... In five of his 14 seasons as head coach here, his team managed to beat the team that would go on to win the Super Bowl five times. The Eagles as a franchise have done that 13 times, all in the last 34 seasons.

Chip Stew: The Future of the NFL is More Up-Tempo No-huddle — McNabb or Kolb

The Final Word: Michael Vick Is Not nor Was He Ever a Very Good Quarterback
Some of you who read it questioned what the purpose was behind our dissection of Michael Vick’s supposedly MVP-caliber season in 2010. That was over two years ago, and a fair number of you believe as I do it’s a foregone conclusion Vick won’t be on the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster for much longer anyway.

Only it’s not a foregone conclusion for many others, fans and members of the media alike. Some see Vick as the best option under center for the Eagles in 2013. Even more think he would be a perfect fit in Chip Kelly’s spread offense in particular. I almost have to laugh, but this is serious… there is actually a belief being perpetuated that Kelly could squeeze the last of the good years out of Vick.

And I’ve got to ask: what good years?

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