9 Free Agents I'd like the Eagles to take a look at.

So with everybody putting out their mock drafts and giving their opinions on potential free agents I figured I'd go over some guys I feel the Eagles should really target when Free Agency opens up March 13th. Keep in mind these are based on what I have seen from these players and who I like. I'm going to specify based upon the 3-4 and 4-3 since we don't (yet) know what we're going to run moving forward.


Andy Levitre, OG, Bills- Andy thrives in the run game and with 64 consecutive starts under his belt he's dependable and durable. He's a guy that can come in and improve a running game immediately, think about he and Herremans next to each other with Peters and Mathis on the other side. Andy is a potential Franchise Tag target however the Bills will have to choose between the two of them.

Matt Moore, QB, Dolphins- Moore a guy you'd like to have as a backup, and with the Eagles not exactly being stacked at QB we do need a guy to come in and play lame-duck or even just as a backup. Moore is a bit more than the typical backup QB because he's actually got enough talent and ability to where he can steal a win or two when you need him too.

3-4 Defensive Front:

Richard Seymour, DE/DT, Raiders- With his deal being voided and at 33 years old I'm a bit more hesitant about signing Seymour than I'd like, however I feel it's a move we have to make if we switch to the 3-4. Richard would bring leadership and experience which in a switch we would need the latter greatly. He'd essentially be a coach on the field.

Anthony Spencer, OLB, Cowboys- The Eagles will have to go after an OLB for the 3-4, Spencer is likely the best guy for the job however he won't come cheap. If the Eagles can steal a guy who had 95 tackles, 11 sacks and 2 forced fumbles away from the Cowboys we could pretty much have 2 parties over this move. It's very possible that the Cowboys do whatever they can not to lose Spencer, that includes franchising him for a 2nd year in a row.

Paul Kruger, OLB, Ravens- Kruger took over for the last 6 games after playing scarcely through the first 10 weeks and rewarded them with 9 sacks during the regular season and 2.5 in the first round of the playoffs against the Colts. Kruger will likely draw attention because of his sack numbers compared to playing time, he's effective when he's on the field and with the Ravens already being over the Cap for next season with the Flacco issue looming Paul might have to look elsewhere to play in 2013.

4-3 Defensive Front:

Henry Melton, DT, Bears- Melton was disruptive last season and only 2 years after making the switch from College RB to DT in the NFL. Melton has rare athleticism and is very good at getting to the QB, could you imagine pairing him with Cox? Now the chances of him hitting the open market really all depend on whether Trestman and Co feels he's capable of being productive in their system.

Michael Bennett, DE, Bucs- Bennett doesn't really interest me solely on his one 9 sack season, that's nice but due to him only having 5 sacks in the previous 4 season, what really interests me is that I look at him and see a 6'4 274lb man who is only 27 years old. Bennett fits Kelly's vision for size and length, and the skill set is there to be very effective.

Defensive Backs:

Jairus Byrd, Safety, Buffalo- Most have Byrd as a lock to be franchised or re-signed, however I don't think it's that simple, with quality Safety play being an issue in many places other than Philly Byrd will likely take his opportunity to cash in on Free Agency since it's likely somebody will meet all his demands. This is of coarse if the Bills don't Franchise him, but when it comes to keeping that OL together and keeping Byrd it's going to be a tough decision.

Louis Delmas, Safety, Lions- Delmas cannot stay healthy it seems and he has stated that he's working to ensure he can go every week next season to prove he's not a liability. Delmas hits hard and is about the only guy in the Lions secondary worth a damn. The good thing is that due to his injury plagued season his value had likely come down and the Lions will he hesitant to franchise him.

Derek Cox, Corner, Jaguars- Cox has missed 17 games over the last 3 season, however at 26 years old and being an underrated CB I think it'd be worth going after him because Nnamdi is unlikely to be back, DRC will be a free agent and the Eagles don't really have anybody proven in the pipeline. He should come cheaper than the top options at the position.

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