2013 - 2014 Roster look. From free agents, trades, and draft, plus the move to 3-4 Def.

How will the Eagles look next year? From players resigned players, released player, free agent, traded, and drafted.

The Philadelphia Eagles will be going through a transition period. The Chip Kelly Era has begun. His five year contract will keep him around for at least three year in my opinion. I know the dream is to have him take us to the Super Bowl year one. As an Eagle fan I have realized that we are in the year of rebuilding. From discover who our quarterback is to looking at an offensive line. Plus who is our defensive coordinator? 3-4, 4-3, or multiple defensive schemes. We can even add in the Tampa 2. But reality is 3-4 or 4-3, maybe a mixture of both. There a lot of questions in play. What are the facts? What are the player's futures? I believe we will go to a 3/4 and look at drafting defense heavily.

Restricted Free Agent - S: Colt Anderson - receive 7th round draft pick not resigned

Unrestricted Free Agents -

LS: Dorenbos - He will be resigned

T: Dunlap - not resigned

OLB: Jordan - not resigned

DT: Landri - not resigned

CB: DRC - franchised for 3rd round

G: Scott - resigned

DE: Tapp - not resigned

Contract Restructured: Nnamdi Asomugha to 2 million a year with incentives

Released: QB: Michael Vick, T: Demetress Bell

Trades: Jeremy Maclin and Nate Allen to Rams for 3rd round pick (Final years of contract)

DT Mike Patterson traded for a 6th round pick

Trade our 1st round draft pick and 7th round draft pick for their Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1st round (13) and 2nd round draft pick.

Package our 5th and 6th round draft pick for Chicago Bears 4th round draft pick

Free Agents Signed:

FS: Patrick Chung

G: Brandon Moore

OT: Andre Smith

QB: Dennis Dixon

TE: Delanie Walker

Draft Picks

The players drafted are due to the changes I believe may happen at the Combine. Each one of these players could gain or loose a round throughout the draft.

1 - NT: Johnathan Jenkins, Georgia

2 - CB: Jordan Poyer, Oregon State

2 - DE: Margus Hunt, Southern Methodist (Put weight on be a DE or try at OLB)

3 - WR: Da'Rick Roger, Tennessee Tech

3 - SS: Jonathan Cyprien, Florida International

4 - FS: T.J McDonald, Southern California (I'd personally rather have Bacarrai Rambo, Georgia)

4 - QB: EJ Manuel, Florida State

6 - WR: Denard Robinson, Michigan or Aaron Mellette, Elon

7 - C: Graham Pocic, Illinois

7 - CB: Johnny Adams, Michigan State

Pick up Punter to compete - P: Jackson Rice, Oregon (knows Kelly's system)

Philadelphia Eagles 53 Man Roster

WR: DeSean Jackson, Denard Robinson, Damaris Johnson

TE: Brent Celek, Delanie Walker

LT: Jason Peters, Danny Watkins

LG: Evan Mathis, Brandon Moore

C: Jason Kelce, Graham Pocic

RG: Todd Heremans, Jake Scott

RT: Andre Smith, Dennis Kelly

WR: Da'Rick Roger, Jason Avant

FB: Stanley Havili, Emil Igwenagu

RB: LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown, Dion Lewis

QB: Nick Foles, EJ Manuel, Dennis Dixon

LS: Jon Dorenbos

P: Jackson Rice

K: Alex Henery

LDE: Cullen Jenkins, Margus Hunt, Ronnie Cameron

NT: Johnathan Jenkins, Dennis Dixon

RDE: Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton

OLB: Brandon Graham, Everette Brown

MLB: Ryans DeMeco, Casey Matthews

MLB: Mychal Kendricks, Jamar Chaney

OLB: Trent Cole, Vinny Curry

CB: Nnamdi Asomugha, Curtis Marsh

CB: Jordan Poyer, Brandon Boykin, Johnny Adams

SS: Jonathan Cyprien, Kurt Coleman

FS: Patrick Chung, T.J McDonald, David Sims

Thoughts and possibilities:

Quarterback - Kelly is a fan of Nick Foles, but to bring in Dennis Dixon someone who knows his system. Plus EJ Manuel who wants to play for the Kelly. There is always the possiblity of bringing in Alex Smith, but money is the issue or draft picks.

Fullbacks and Tight Ends - Emil Igwenagu can play either position, and Delanie Walker can block

Offensive Line - The reason for not a high draft pick was due to the free agents that are available and the defensive change to a 3-4.

Linebackers - The reason no one was drafted for linebackers was due to that alot of these players played in a 3-4 in college and the misuse of Andy Reid using them to their strengths and he is horrible at drafting linebackers.

Corner Backs and Safeties - Massive change in both spots, but bring in or keep expierence to mentor the players.

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