ASO 2013 Mock Draft

Let me start off with the cuts and trades I hope that we'll make.

Cuts: Kurt ( The bite on every play action) Coleman, to even say his play is garbage is a compliment. The only thing I want him to back up is his car out of the LINC for good.

Matt Mcbriar has to go. We can do better in free agency or draft.

Notme ( Safties fault coach) Asomugha: if he doesn't restructure we take the 4 mil cap hit.

If we pick up a WR in FA than I think Cooper or Avant will be gone.

Trades: I think we can have great trade partners in the Jets. They really need a QB and RB plus there is rumor that they might switch to a 4-3. My first trade scenario would be to send Foles and Lewis for their 2nd and 5th round picks. If they switch to the 4-3 I would send Foles, Cole and our 4th for Revis and their 2nd rounder.

Now to the FA where I think we make a bigger splash than 2011. I don't think the Bills will let Byrd hit the market.

Our 1st first acquisition will be Andy Levitire from the Bills. Great guard to get us in to position to start having monster yards in the running game.

2nd will be Dashon Goldson from SF him and Nate Allen will be a lot better than what we had the last couple of years.

3rd is Sean Smith I actually think we will be able to get him cheaper than DRC.

4th another SF player I hope we'll go after is R.J.F great run stopper and we need depth

5th Andre Smith if Cincy happens not to get the deal done we got to get him. Peters ain't getting any younger.

6th and I think will be compared to the Nnamdi coup of 2011 is Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe. If we use Desean like Oregon did D'Anthony or WV used Austin I can see us getting another receiver.

If we can get 3 of the 6 players I will be satisfied. I know this is wishful thinking but I'm an optimist.

Now on to the draft. If we are indeed switching to some form of the 3-4 this is the best year to focus on defense first.

1st pick has to be Dion Jordan ( 4.6 40, 4.35 shuttle) its most likely already set in stone. Chip knows him and he know the defense and its one of our biggest needs.

2nd round Im going with Marcus Hunt ( 4.62 40, 38 bench, and 4.51 shuttle) out of SMU this guy is a straight up beast. Has the size speed and strength to dominate on the other side of Cox.

* 2nd round I would go with EJ Manuel if the Foles Trade goes down. If Vick gets hurt he can come in without us having to change up our game plan. If we decide not to go QB than I would go with Vance Mcdonald TE here or David Amerson CB from NC State.

3rd pick I will go with Brandon or Sylvester Williaims. These are two decent DT. I prefer Brandon though.

4th pick DJ Swearinger (4.67 40, 4.11 shuttle, and 17 bench) FS from SC. Not Dawkins but way better than what we are throwing out there.

5th pick Josh Boyce WR from TCU. Another speed demon but I dont see anyone else I would take here.

*5th pick Kyle Juszyck FB from Harvard. Talk about a bulldozer. Just pave the way for Mccoy in the redzone.

6th pick Omoregie Uzzi OG from Georgia

7th pick Ray Ray Armstrong SS from Miami. This guy can take Coleman spot with ease.

7th pick Marcus Davis WR from VT

Can you imagine a line with Marcus Hunt 6'8, Cedric Thorton/RJF 6'4, Fletcher Cox 6'4 and behind them Dion Jordan 6'6. I'm coining the term "Swat City". This is what I would like to see happen. If we can make some nice deals with the cap room we have available in FA our rebuilding efforts will come a lot sooner. I really don't care how much we spend but I do care how we spend it. Hopefully we have some incentive laden contracts.

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