A Case for Mr. Jarvis

Hey guys,

I've been coming to this site like five times a day for the past six years but have never taken the plunge and commented/posted, guess I'm an iggles stalker, haha. First off, I just want to thank JimmyK, JasonB, and everyone for all of the time you put into this site, it is an amazing community and has taught me so much it's ridiculous.

Second off, this post is neither of two things. It is not an exhaustive statistical analysis - its purpose is to generate more discussion/share some personal observations. I love it when you guys do one of those huge analyses, but school has been crazy lately and I can't really do one of those right now. Secondly, this is not an objective review in any way. Although I grew up in the northeast, I recently moved south and am in my second year of law school guessed it: the University of Georgia. I have become a huge DAWGS fan and have taken advantage of student ticket prices by going to every home game the past two seasons except for one lame one. I will freely admit that I am completely and utterly infatuated with Jarvis Jones. Maybe Dion Jordan is better for our system, etc., but I cannot sit by and not at least bring up my Jarvis. It seems as though he hasn't been talked about too much at BGN, at least considering the fact that he is one of the marquee players at a position that we need.

First I'm going to go over the reasons why I love Jarvis, and then I'll go over the reasons why people who are not me might knock him.

I know the fans here are super knowledgeable, so I would imagine many of you have already seen this before, but I would like to start out by pointing to this game (Georgia v. Florida 2012) 13 tackles, 3 sacks and ESPN did not list him as having any forced fumbles, but he clearly forced the fumble at the end of the game in the red zone. He simply took over this game (against a ranked 2 Florida team). This is just one example, however. Jones has produced at a high level for two straight years and dominated the best division in college football (sorry, had to pull the SEC card). He led the league in both sacks and tackles for a loss this year (even though he missed two games!) and I think he led the SEC in both last year (but I could def. be wrong about that). He has produced at a high, consistent level during that time. As a fan, I can tell you something else about Jones that you always want from your stud player: he always came up big in big situations. Whether it is forcing the fumble in the red zone in the Florida game or getting the key sack time and time again, Jones is not just a big numbers guy, he is a guy that you can rely on to make a play against good opponents when you need it most. I'm still not ready to write about the Alabama game, but I will say this: Jones actually had a good game - I would blame the play of the line and inside linebackers for Eddie Lacey's crazy game.

I could go on an on and on about reasons to love Jarvis, but you all (y'all) likely know how talented he is, it is the concerns about him that make you think twice. First off, the spinal stenosis. Yes, taking him would be a risk. That being said, the doctors at the combine cleared him, and he has had no sign of deterioration since the condition was discovered. Furthermore, even if you knew that Michael Irvin had spinal stenosis, would you have let that stop you from drafting him? Hell no! Look, I hate the Cowgirls as much as the next guy, but it can't be denied that Michael Irvin had a studly ten years - in spite of spinal stenosis. In my opinion, that is what we are looking at right here. I think Jones will give his team an amazing amount of production - whether it is for five, ten or thirteen years. Even if he only gets to play five years, wouldn't you rather have an extremely talented player for five years than a decent one for ten?

This is when you say, "I would rather have a really good player for ten years." Enter Dion Jordan. Now I know all of you are on the Dion train right now, and I respect it. Dion is a good player and I would not be unhappy if we chose him. That being said, Dion did not produce like Jones in college. Dion did not play in the SEC like Jones did. I realize that these factors don't always predict NFL success, but I think that they should be given more weight than they are currently. It is undeniable that Dion had a great combine. Jones, on the other hand, is not a workout guy. He doesn't own the weight room - he does dominate the field, however. Dion may be a better fit for the 4-3 under, or whatever is going to be run. However, when I'm picking at 4, I want a guy who is not only versatile, but is exceptional at what he does. Jones nearly tripled Dion's sack total this year, and while I know that there are a host of factors to be considered when looking at that number, I think the SAM position needs a guy who is a proven elite pass-rushing threat.

One could argue that Jones does not have the versatility that Dion does in his ability to be a down lineman, but at the end of the day, don't we want to rush the passer? Then why not draft the player who has proven to be the best at that the past two seasons if he can fit into the 4-3 under SAM position?

I've gone on wayy too long and if anyone is still reading, I definitely want to hear your comments/thoughts. I searched BGN and Jones' name only came up around 150 times in the comments, so I thought it might be cool to generate a little more discussion about him. I'm also not very familiar with the 4-3 under so I would welcome any insight people might have about Jones' fit there. Thanks for reading guys!

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