The Linc - Salary cap will be raised for 2013

Hannah Foslien

Source: Cap will be north of $122 million | ProFootballTalk
Though the salary cap won’t be spiking this year (and, despite the looming impact of the new TV deals, in any year), this year’s smoothing will be a little less smooth that previously believed. A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the team-by-team spending limit will exceed $122 million in 2013. While a move to $122 million represents an increase of only $1.4 million per team, every dollar helps, given the number of teams in cap trouble.

Andy Reid's weakness may be Chip Kelly's strength
From what we've seen so far, Kelly seems more like a pragmatist and a problem solver than a planner. That may make him less prepared than Reid to walk in and implement a successful program right away. But it may make Kelly better suited to dealing with issues as they arise and adjusting to changes.

I Come To Bury DRC, Not To Praise Him — McNabb or Kolb
Like Asante Samuel before him, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie drew a lot of righteous anger during his stay in Philadelphia. Despite natural athletic talents that rival any cornerback in the NFL, Rodgers-Cromartie floats through the game of football. He was an awful tackler even when he tried, and he rarely put in the effort anyway. He gave up many more penalties and long plays than any "Pro Bowl" corner should. In short, despite those tremendous outfits, he was nearly impossible to root for.

Prove It Players |
This time last year, as with every free agent period, a number of players were forced to take one-year "prove it" contracts when the market for multi-year deals was perhaps not quite what they were hoping for. While every free agent might imagine hitting the open market and having teams fight over them for a long-term contract, things don’t always play out that way.

2013 NFL Combine: Prop bets for player drills -
Going through gambling withdrawal after the Super Bowl? Don't worry there are plenty of prop bets you can make on the 2013 NFL Combine.

NFL Combine: Intriguing players to watch | National Football Post
The real kickoff to the NFL Draft season begins this week in Indianapolis, as most of college football’s best players from this past season will look to improve their stock in front of NFL personnel at Lucas Oil Stadium at the NFL Scouting Combine.

How business gets done at the NFL Combine | National Football Post
A veteran agent gives you a peek behind the curtain of the NFL Combine.

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